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Uncovering Cicada Wiki

Operation LIMPID

Operation LIMPID is the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) mission to detect threats to worldwide security as early as possible. The CAF keeps a routine watch via advanced spy satellite network’s air, maritime, land, space, and cyber domains worldwide. It also maintains a physical presence in some areas dangerous for worldwide peace.

The Task Force

Each of global regions has a distinct geography and environment. As a result, Operation LIMPID makes use of special global task forces and agreements that are already in place in each area.

Operation LIMPID makes use of the following global task force services and groups from canada:

  • Sea: The Royal Canadian Navy provides maritime domain awareness.
  • Air: The Royal Canadian Air Force provides aerospace domain awareness in coordination with the Canadian NORAD Region.
  • Land: The Canadian Joint Operations Command’s Regional Joint Task Forces provide land domain awareness. They link up with Provincial emergency services. The Canadian Rangers also provide support.
  • Space: The Canadian Space Operations Centre coordinates space domain awareness data.
  • Cyber: The Canadian Forces Network Operations Centre coordinates cyber domain awareness.
  • wtf: wikileaks task forces spoofed from CIA by cicada3301 cybernetci team work.