CLASSIFIED - |||L4_4yeo|||

Targeted countries: all ennemy of humanity \\\all country
Possible enemy co-belligerents: satanic ninja shinobi

Friendly co-belligerents: ACIO \\\galactic confederation \\russian kstxi stc-ksc

Possible friendly co-belligerents: all army force worldwide

War plan opPSION is a comprehensive plan for offensive operations primarily in the virtual Autonomous developement and deployment of ACIO special agency , with the final objective being military control of the entirety of cicada armada cybernetic warriors. The plan is evolved from operation omega23, which presupposes no co-belligerents. The primary changes made to opPSION  from ENIGMA23 were:

- Presupposition of a PRC-ALLC conflict worldwide.
- Significant reduction in time-to-launch (TTL)
- Restructuring of phases and objective times


The TTL of opPSION is eighteen (18) days from initial decision when made at a military readiness state of HIGH INTELLIGENCES SECRETS SERVICES deserved by A.C.I.O. Moving from ELEVATED to HIGH typically requires ten (10) additional days.STANDARD to HIGH  Moving from typically requires thirty (30) additional days.

opPSION has resource requirement level TOTAL.


opPSION is predicated on the emergence of a conflict between ILLUMINATI and the official shadow governement controlled by galactic confederation. Implementation of opPSION is intended to begin upon decision of the Supreme Commission on Military-Political Affairs for cicada armada and suppose that a large-scale conflict is likely to begin worldwide


opPSION includes significant logistical preparation.


-Operation PANDORA


-Operation PANDORA
PANDORA is the code name for the initial combined-arms offensive, with its objective as ASTANA. This plan is adapted from OMEGA23  war plan developed in 2018 by the THEGAME23 secret Staff academia. omega23 involves the First, Third, Fourth and Fifth TQO Army Fronts, augmented formations of the First and Second TPQ Corps, and the entirety of the TAQ including many reservists secretly informed of mass genocide attacks over human kind .

-Operation .xyz

.xyz is the initial air campaign to destroy illuminati and majestic 12 infrastructures, in order of priority: Strategic objectives as listed in Appendix 2.2; PLA strategic and other long-range air-defense assets; PLA armor and manpower; dual-use infrastructure; and strategically important civilian population centers.

Sub-operation M.M.M. consists of the TRQ's 

-Operation 13;13;13

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