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Often in Cicada 3301 you may encounter a puzzle or situation that needs a special technique or requires some repetitive task; below are a list compiled of different types of utilities that may be useful in these situations and during your solving.

Forewarning: Exercise caution while using any of these utilities. Anybody can freely add their own links here, so be careful when you download or run anything.

Uncovering-Cicada wiki takes no liability for any harm done by these utilities.

Data translators

These utilities translate information between different formats and number systems.

Name Description Links Images Status
Paulschou's Xlate Translates binary, ascii, hex, decimal, octal here none UP
Traductor (Spanish Xlate) Translates binary, ascii, hex, decimal, octal here none UP
JXlate (Clientside Xlate) Website that translates multiple number and data systems here none UP
CyberChef Website that allows multiple different steps to be used on data here none UP

XOR utilities

XOR is a reversible bitwise operation used in Cicada 3301 and other ARGs. These utilities make performing XOR between files easier in different ways.

Name Description Links Images Status
Skuater's XOR script Unknown here none DEAD LINK
Tumblefluff's Xor Crypter A simple Xor encrypter that mashes 2 files. here none Working
Cclark's XOR Script XORs hex strings obtained from Cicada 3301 onion sites (Requires Python) xor script permutation generator permutations none UP
OTPXor CLI utility for XORing two large files with with one offset, also provides text scanning modes. here none UP
Nirsoft Xorfiles Utility for xoring files in multiple combinations (WINE compatible) here none UP
XorJ GUI Program for XORing multiple files each at specified offsets and lengths. (Requires Java) here none UP
XorJS Webapp for XORing multiple files each at specified offsets and lengths. (In-browser replacement for XorJ) here none UP

Rune manipulation

As much of the documents provided by Cicada 3301 are in Runes or are encoded with the Gematria Primus, these utilities make translating this associated information simpler.

Name Description Links Images Status
Huw's Rune Analyzer Made in 2015 for the unsolved rune pages (explain) (Requires Python) here none UP
Rune conversion script Converts runes between primes values and letters (Requires Python) here none UP
Writing In Runes Website that translates text into runes here none UP
Mlehmk's Rune Tool Unfinished rune utility (explain) (Windows executable, Requires FreeMono font) RuneShift.exe Rune.exe
3301chef Like cyberchef, allows multiple different steps to be used on data - but adds rune and gematria functions here mirror dead link source none UP
idkfa Reads, translates, and manipulates data from Liber Primus Node.JS Source none UP
idkfa-web idkfa, but with a web UI (all client-side JS) link none DOWN

Text manipulation

Basic text manipulation is still in use in some ciphers and puzzles, occasionally these utilities may be useful.

Name Description Links Images Status
Anagram Solver Website for finding hidden words in a phrase through anagrams here none UP
Reverse Text Website for generating reversed text here none UP
Rumkin Ciphers Website featuring various useful classical text ciphers here none UP


More often than not in Cicada 3301, there are images or files that store hidden information - these tools help to reveal it.

Name Description Links Images Status
JJTC Stegonography tools Various tools for steganography here none UP
Outguess Program for embedding and retrieving encrypted messages in JPEG images here none UP
JOutguess Website that runs outguess for you. site source site source none UP
OpenPuff Another Steg utility supporting multiple file formats here none UP
Aperi'Solve Website that runs multiple steg tools for you site none UP

File analysis

These utilities provide information about file formats, statistical analysis or reveal metadata about them.

Name Description Links Images Status
EXIF Tool Website for revealing various forms of metadata in images and other file formats here none UP
JPDump Website that outputs and allows downloading header information from JPEG image files. here none UP


Name Description Links Images Status
Is It Cicada? Website for that automatically verifies PGP messages against Cicada's key. site source 1 UP
cluosh's 4chan tracker Website for that scans and automatically uploads PGP-signed content 1 2 script none DOWN
Cicada-solvers Github A collection and archive of various tools and information relating to Cicada puzzles. github none UP

Reference sheets

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