SOME CODE FOR TOOLS (from 2014 edition)



Outguess for Windows

Youtbe videos about cryptography

Gambling with Secrets

Part 1: What is Cryptography?

Part 2: Prime Factorization

Part 3: Probability Theory & Randomness

Part 4: Private Key Cryptography

Part 5: Encryption Machines

Part 6: Perfect Secrecy & Pseudorandomness

Part 7: Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange

Part 8: RSA Encryption

The Enigma Code Nice introduction to cryptology, explanation of basic ciphers and cracking techniques. And elementary introduction to the famous Enigma code used by the Germans during WWII.

Stuff from #3301hackers LINKS RELATED TO #3301HACKERS Relevant now <-- the horse's mouth <-- code to xor files <-- to get all tweets in a nice forma / <-- xor scan of whole file <-- contains data files

Somewhat historical: <-- book of law book codes code <-- inspection of CicadaOS (files from 3301.img)