Symbols Edit


1)Russian orthodox Cross or papal cross (page 1-3, 23)

2)infinity sign (page 1-3, 16)

3)plant or art ornaments (page 4-8)

4)roots (page 9-15)

5)mayfly (page 15, 25-27)

6)5 dots (page 7, 24, 57)

7)3 dots (page 34, 40)

8)Babylonian Numerals (cuneiform) (page 34-40)

9)plant and roots (ornaments) (page 41-56)

10)Cicada 3301 logo (page 53, 55)

11)Dead oak tree (page 33, 56)

12)wing of an insect (probably cicada) (page 27)

13)Dead body/Corpse (page 23)

Possible meaning of Symbols Edit

Papal or Russian Cross Edit

Large-cremation urns wilbert burial vaults Russian Cross rm27

Russian Orthodox Cross

Papal cross could mean (associate with) wealth/tree of life

Mayfly Edit

Mayfly could be hint or reference to ephemeral cryptographic key (ephemeral cipher)


Dead body Edit

end of life, end of cycle, could associate with many things

Babylonian Numerals Edit

806px-Babylonian numerals.svg-0

Babylonian Numerals

when translated, numerals= 17 13 55 1,

17 and 13 in base 60 is 1033, 55 and 1 in base 60 is 3301

Numerals in Liber Primus 17,13,55,1


(Dead) Oak tree/ possible tree of life/ tree of knowledge Edit

could be reference to Kabbalah/ possible tree of life/ tree of knowledge -k

Dots Edit

could, possibly represent stars or musical notes

Star theory Edit

5 dots (stars) could be fragment from aquila (eagle) constellation

3 dots (stars) could be orion's belt


Comparison of Eagle constellation and 5 Dots, (it's acttually flipped *90 degress)

Stars from Eagle constellation that create very similar pattern, include:

  1. Altair
  2. Tarazed
  3. Delta Aquilae
  4. Al thalimain
  5. Eta Aquilae.

it does not confirm anything, but it looks very similar

Roots and Fibonacci sequence Edit

Tree or roots from page 9 to 15 is reference to Fibonacci tree,

Highlited Branches: 2-3-5-6-8-10-11-13

this was also mentioned on

this could be hint to decryption by using Fibonacci sequence

Conclusion Edit

symbols could be keys for decryption, and can be somehow associated with runes

It's possible that they're to imply to use similar decryption methods to matching symbols in the first 17 pages.

we don't know yet.

archive of 4chan about symbols of LP (Liber Primus):

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