Fibbonaci and William Blake.

So a quick explanation as to why I've been led down this road.  First and formost I believe this challenge is centred on encryption and enlightening people as to the importance of information.  I believe that the text and images are possible signposts to methods of encrytion and decryption.

  • The pictures used showed two drawings of the golden calipers.  These are used to draw Fibonnaci circles.  Also Blake in the past has made reference to Fibonacci in his poetry. To see the world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower;Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour.
  • The text refers to "Sacred".  The Fibonacci primes are considered sacred.  Also the "Golden Phi" can be applied to many things including music.

With regards to encryption Eulers totient and the golden Phi both can be used in ciphering.and Eulers totient is used I RSA. 

[15:29] <suomynona> I already superimposed golden ratios over everything

[15:37] <NiceLurk> suomynona: where are thaty our goldenratio superimposed images? did you put them in wiki yet?
[15:33] <suomynona> Before I go. The latest rune images all used the same template as the same discrepancies appear in the same place on all of them.

[23:51] <suomynona> nicelurk here's those discrepancies I spoke of,wzQyjrv#0

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