Uncovering Cicada Wiki

Page Making Guidelines

  1. Do not post unverified or false information pertaining to 3301. If you do, it'll be deleted. There is already a page for attempts and ideas.
  2. Do not publish content that contains or links to things containing any attempt to dox 3301 or find the creator of the puzzle. If you do, it'll be deleted and you'll be banned.
  3. Do not promote any other ARG, webseries, or similar content on the wikia without permission from the admins crashdemons AND ctvrty. This is to limit confusion, we do not want people thinking the puzzle is connected to anything it isn't. If you do this, it'll be deleted.
  4. Only make a new page if it is covering facts about the puzzle not already covered in an existing page. This is also to limit confusion and bloat, as the puzzle is already confusing and has a lot of information to take in. If you break this rule, the page will be deleted.

You get 3 strikes. Any more than that will result in a permanent ban.

Page Editing Guidelines

Because of years of vandalism and breaking of the above rules, the majority of pages are locked. This puzzle deals with a very specific set of facts, and any misinformation would derail solving efforts. If you have a proposed edit to a page, send the finalized version, markdown and formatting included, to ctvrty or crashdemons in the cicadasolvers discord and we'll review it and make the changes. Editing an unlocked, pre-existing page should follow the page making guidelines.