Another version of this article that was osted on few forums:


[b]Here is the post that was on 4chan today.[/b]


Pastebin backup of 4han thread on 4th:

Links from recent (Jan 4th 2013) thread on /b/ from CICADA 3301 PUZZLE ROUND 2

Note: I have no proofs that this is legit cicada puzzle. But there was alot of guys that made some miraculous discoveries and few people who were ing the thread so it didnt die. There sure was some preparation and few people involved int that thread. Also Cicada hinted that there will be more  recruiting rounds in last message from last year.
This are things from last 4chan thread that looks like legit  clues, I wasnt able to confirm any of them as being legit, yet! No PGP signed official message was given so far!

[b]miracle no1:[/b]
Anonymous (ID: jDVYjUD/) 01/04/13(Fri)03:58:05 No.448457321

posted minutes ago.[/quote]  guy who found it was inccredibly luck and he claimed he isnt author of it

I didnt find any plausable leads from last sentence from that pastebin, only some bullshitiing about bible and 10:13
The Mandelbrot set looks like buddah to me. Odd... wondering if that ex-3301 guy preaching god/jesus and then a silhouette of Buddah appears an hour later has any correlation. Time to dive into Buddah books? Page 1013, 10:13 or something?[/quote]

miracle no2:[/b]
[quote]I´m actually found something wierd.
Do you know sms4tor?(http://sms4tor3vcr2geip.onion/)
I took the first 52 digits of the pgp key from >>448463952.

I got this message:
"You are near. The Mandelbrot set near the event horizon is the last clue."

what are the chances to find something like that on random??
to use some random part of some random pgp key someone posted and came from last year?
he is referring to that image
btw that image is publicly posted on few sites and all people from last year have it...

[quote]"I doubt not, i had coincidental sms4tor open at the moment so I gave it a try. What sort of verify you think of?"[/quote]
this was his answer how he found it... sounds fake as hell

Clue people found by goggling Mandelbrot

[quote]>"You are near. The Mandelbrot set near the event horizon is the last clue."
so i typed that ^ into google, and the first thing that popped up on google was this:[/quote]

NOTE: i am not part of cicada, i didnt make it in last year, somebody showed me this thread in IRC channel where lots of 4channers idle because he knew about last years puzzle
looks like the previous one was only for warm up

Meanwhile shit got real we have confirmed CICADA 3301 round 2
with PGPs and all that

just posting links for now

this are  the links people discovered so far, i dont have time to explain what lead to what but it is pretty similar to last years puzzles.


Soulseekah's Count algorithm:

Here are some links on subjects that you can study up on if you want to have an understanding of the "game"