Uncovering Cicada Wiki

Page 57 is not encrypted and can be decoded directly from the Gematria Primus:

Parable: like the instar tunneling to the surface.

We must shed our own circumferences. Find the

divinity within and emerge.

This is Parable 1,595,277,641 which appeared in 2013 within the ID tag of 761.mp3. The mp3 title is 'The Instar Emergence' which can be summed using the Gematria Primus to obtain '761'. The number 1,595,277,641 is similarly obtained using the product of the gematria sums of each line of the parable ie 1259*1031*1229 = 1,595,277,641.


The Mayfly is an alteration of pages 23 to 26 mayflies.

Its original source can be found here : http://www.metafysica.nl/wings/wings_14.html, Figure 4, Mayfly (5).