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Night Of The Cicada (Part V In The Cumulonimbus Series)

by The Peoples Republic of Europe

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"Its probably Morpheus searching for The One."

Abby Martin  RT breakingtheset
Aaron Swartz's Legacy, India Destroys Polio, Whitewashing Ariel Sharon

Cicada 3301: "216 number"

CICADA 3301 the mystery continues

Russia Today

BBC news

The Guardian

Grantland  looks like full

on tinfoil mode based on title The Daily Telegraph article  PART 2


The Toronto Star part 2 (journalis writting this is active in our channels) knowyourmeme


Nourishing Obscurity - possible explanation of the connection with epiphany

GrandMasterRevan vlogger

Ari Keita Japanese video

Cicada 3301 Song: The Instar Emergence (761) Reversed - YouTube

DigitalCombat is posting 3301 videos containing cryptic messages. Worth solving.


 The Conversation  Academic rigour, journalistic flair

Toronto star: Cicada 3301, cryptography and the quest for anonymity

CBS News January 3, 2014, Cicada 3301: Code-breaking scavenger hunt has the Internet mystified

NPR: The Internet's Cicada: A Mystery Without An Answer

Two pastebins found, looks like they are some articles:

November 2013 media exposure

In November 25th  and 26th, 2013, lots of big media houses published articles about Cicada 3301. This sparked a lot of interest across internet communities. We are not sure what caused publishing these articles, but it caught a lot of attention from many different intelligence/cryptography/conspiracy/hacker/puzzle communities all over the web.

First article appears to be The Telegtaph ( one.

which looks like ripoff of older MentalFLoss article:

Joel Eriksson is real though:, editor of well known

You can find him in #33012013 on freenode under nick OariDa

This is his story about how he became involved in  Chris Bells article.

OwariDa    well, i see no reason to keep it a secret. chris bell from the daily telegraph contacted me, since he was working on a story about cicada 3301. and wanted to ask some questions to someone who had participated.
OwariDa    there's not much more to it than that.
counterh_    Did you ask how he was working on it?
OwariDa    not really, but i actually think he just stumbled upon some of the old articles a

Here are links to few articles:

Some responses on blogs and other forums:

Google+ Posts

Apparently article was on first page of reddit (unconfirmed):

Podcasts (spanish)

Cracking the Cicada 3301 internet mystery - Dec 10, 2013

YOUTUBE Stuff They Don't Want You To Know Heladoscuro Spanish Swedish  Alltime Conspiracies

Youtube clips posted by 3301 players:

Phone call to 3301s phone line recorded from 2012

Videos from guy who found Korea 2012 poster

Cicada OS boot up process, from 2013

CICADA 3301 The Instar Emergence mysterious 761.mp3 from 2013


Screenshot 18.jpg

As usual, 4chan always joins the party (gamejacking mostly):

Same thread was on /b/ ( )

Some reddit imposers 0xce5=3301 in hexadecimal 0b110011100101 - binary to decimal

2011 Stuff


Links from other souces about 3301 2011 puzzle===


If you find any more interesting links post them here.

Random quote:

[04:17]	Lurker69	3301 is becoming pop culture nao
[04:18]	Tech1	 yeah, it really is. i saw it top of my feed on google news the other day.
[04:18]	Tech1	pretty wild.
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