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This page lists the worldwide location referenced throughout the posters hunts.


During the 2012 puzzle, a list of coordinates was published on 845145127.com after a countdown. To know more about this website, you can read the 2012 puzzle wiki page.

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The website gave 14 coordinates, yet the cicada.jpg OutGuess data only contained 12 of them: one in Fayetteville (Arkansas) and another one in Seoul (South Korea) were missing. A poster was retrieved from both locations.

The 2012 puzzle being poorly documented, some information about the posters were lost. The posters located in Fayetteville (Arkansas) and in Erskineville (Autralia) are reported as "found"[1] [2], yet no pictures are available.

You can click on a map marker to have more information about it; the locations where a poster wasn't found are greyed-out.



  1. Source (This source should be treated with caution, as it contradicts itself. Furthermore, it lacks the mention of the Seattle or the Seoul poster. However, being an archive of the n0v4 wiki, it is still somewhat trustworthy historic source).
  2. On tekknolagi's blog: "habitres’s brother Bongo went do Sydney, Australia and found two pictures of a QR code."