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Link to file (only mp3, look for whole disk image in: dropbox link):

Hiddnen poem:
https://pastee.org/ujpxy   hidden poem in ID tag of mp3 file

Parable 1,595,277,641
Like the instar, tunneling to the surface\n
We must shed our own circumferences;\n
Find the divinity within and emerge.

Cicada 3301 Song: The Instar Emergence (761)


Cicada 3301 Song The Instar Emergence (761)

Cicada 3301 Song: The Instar Emergence (761.mp3)

Spectograpms of mp3

ID tag:
Title: The Instar Emergence
Artist: 3301
Extra metadata: http://prntscr.com/olycw

The Instar Emergence 2:47

https://pastee.org/ujpxy   mp3 file

1595 277641 = 1031 x 1229 x 1259

If you count (add) each word from the poem  (using onion console tellnet or Gamatria Primus table) you get 1595 277641

No significant parable numbered 1595 277641 or 1031 or 1229 or 1259  was found in literature

The length of the clip, 2:47 (2 minutes, 47 seconds), if converted to all seconds equals 167 seconds. 167 is prime and is the emirp of the mp3 file (761.mp3) and the Gematria value of, "The Instar Emergence".

Meaning of Parable 1,595,277,641

Counting title "The Instar Emergence" we get 761 (emirp). Name of the file is 761.mp3. The file size 3917KB, which is an emirp.

Result of xor-ing the twitter information with 761.mp3

Parable 1,595,277,641
Like the instar, tunneling to the surface\n
We must shed our own circumferences;\n
Find the divinity within and emerge.

Adding Gematria Primus values of letters in each line together (without first line and without \n) and then multiplying sums of all three lines produces parable number.

Line 1 184+72+280+339+66+72+246 = 1259
Line 2 86+186+232+21+55+451     = 1031
Line 3 151+72+376+115+215+300   = 1229

                 1259*1031*1226 = 1,595,277,641

Note: 1595277641 when reversed is 1467725951, which is a prime number.

Observation: Gematria doesn't have a letter V in it. This is the only letter in the message without a value (the only other letter not defined in the Gematria is Q). If we take the latin convention that V = U we get that 'divinity' = 376 => Line 3 = 1229.

Cosmo's analysis (studying music technology)

The  reversed music at the end is not in the same key as the rest of the song, the song was one guitar recorded by two microphones, the drums at the end are only one bass drum heavily edited.
It has almost a drone bass note. What gets to me most about the song is this. It's a bad recording. As in it's been very badly recorded with what sounds like piss-poo equipment even for a bedroom set up. But it's very specifically edited.
I've been exploring that idea as best I can. I'm going to try a couple more things out with it, see if i can't create an image out of it. But don't get bogged down on it, these guys are moving forwards, keep up with them, I highly doubt the mp3 is going to get any more useful than it's already been

http://pastebin.com/CneUy8J4 these are all cosmos posts from 7th

http://pastebin.com/XQ9rJSad  full log if some posts look out of context

Boney M (speculative claims)

Somebody suggested in chat that 761.mp3 song was inspired by Boney M - Ma Baker 1976 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2E5sxuSRg6A and even that is might have some connection to Freemasonry (no proof given so far)

Other Information

I have isolated the 15Khz range and dropped it's pitch so we can here it. currently it sounds like cicadas when this is done



The title of the recording was "761.mp3" and can be downloaded here. The ID3 tags show us that the title of the file is "The Instar Emergence" and the artist "3301". The used instrument is a guitar, with distortion effects on it. On the track, a reversed guitar is played and amplified throughout. The song has been deconstructed and checked for hidden reversed messages, and nothing has been found.

Solvers analyzing the poem/riddle above have speculated that circumferences might be a reference to perceived limitations rather than actual physical walls. "Find the divinity within and emerge" is most likely a reference to the divine ratio, or phi. Such shedding may also be a reference to the way Cicadas shed their shells.

Key points about the track itself:

  1. The initial 'breath' sound is believed to be the sound of many cicadas.
  2. The tempo changes, beginning at approximately 135 bpm, accelerating to 145bpm, then slowing to 125bpm. This has led some to believe that the song has been slowed down by 5%.
  3. The only instruments used were a guitar acoustic and electric and an effect driven bass drum.
  4. A draft spectral analysis shows a constant hum at 15.4-16.1kHz, and empty notches under 500Hz starting from 1:56.
  5. IThe song is 2:47 long, or 167 seconds, which is prime.  It is also a reversal of the name of the file: 761.mp3, and 761 is also prime.

The song is in the key of D♭ minor with a custom guitar tuning of D♭-A♭-D♭-G♭-A♭-D♭