On 11th January our Wikia  started to change, at first our theme colors changed and later background was replaced by this:

Since this wasn't done by people maintaining this wikia at first we were shocked and amazed, but soon it was clarified that Wikia staff noticed popularity of our Wikia and decided to make it a bit prettier. We appreciate their help. 

 >Hi everyone! My name is Matt and I'm a member of the Community 
 Development team! I'm here to help your wiki community grow by 
 fostering engagement and making the wiki more accessible for all
 users. Feel free to stop by my talk page and say hello!

You can reach him there:

Special thank also to few others from WIkia community central:


Love Robin:

And last but not least our BrotherBox, who needs your support on this page:

~Lurker69, 11.1.2014