From 2014

[11:04] <safarious> hey guys I found some really intressting stuff on the cicadaOS - i unpacked 3301.img of the .iso -> you can load it here:
[11:04] <safarious> check the order tmp-> there are 3 scripts
[11:05] <safarious> aberr, folly wisdom
[11:05] <iII> folly and wisdom should be on the wiki
[11:05] <iII> and are identical, which is clever
[11:06] <iII> I don't remember aberr
[11:06] <safarious> hmm allright..
[11:07] <safarious> can you hand me the wiki-link
[11:07] <iII> not atm
[11:07] <iII> it'll be in 2013 if it's up there
[11:07] <iII> a comment on each will be if a link isnt'
[11:08] <safarious> i found it
[11:08] <iII> definately don't remember aberr either way
[11:09] <iII> so that's interesting
[11:09] <safarious> but its there
[11:09] <safarious> god
[11:09] <safarious> check the link for download, i just uploaded it some minutes ago
[11:10] <safarious> but the file seems to be empty..
[11:10] <iII> I've got an unpacked iso from last year
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[11:15] <safarious> less aber -> it apears to be empty
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[11:21] <safarious> i do some investigation on: 98-tc.rules which is in the same folder as aberr folly wisdom
[11:21] <safarious> there is no binary code in it and you can read it.
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[11:36] <safarious> found something intressting about the aberr file:
[11:36] <safarious> its used in a script on the 3301-file
[11:36] <safarious> if the file dosn't exist the cdrom gets unmouted
[11:36] <safarious> that means something gets mounted while the cicadaOS is started
[11:37] <safarious> and if aberr is not there it gets unmounted.
[11:37] <eonn> safarious, which 3301.img are you using
[11:39] <safarious>
[11:39] <safarious> i just unpacked it 1hour ago
[11:39] <safarious> token from the source posted here
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[11:44] <tim0k> which source?
[11:45] <tim0k> safarious: where did this img come from?
[11:46] <sasnfbi1234> hello
[11:46] <safarious>
[11:46] <safarious> i unpacked it by myself
[11:46] <safarious> the link is from cydoniac
[11:46] <tim0k> interesting
[11:46] <tim0k> i didn't know anything abotu that
[11:46] <tim0k> where did this link come from?
[11:47] <safarious> form the wiki
[11:50] <tim0k> can't find it
[11:51] <safarious> you can't find what?
[11:51] <tim0k> from the wiki .. 
[11:51] <safarious>
[11:52] <safarious> than go to the chat about onion4
[11:52] <safarious> cydoniac posted the following url:¨
[11:57] <tim0k> yep.. it's one year old
[11:57] <tim0k> how do we know it's even legit
[12:00] <tim0k> it's from last year 
[12:01] <safarious> idk, but those 3 Strings from onion 2-3-4 probably have to do with that .iso
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[12:24] <safarious> allright, deeper investigation showed.... that the file 3301, in the 3301.img is never started from somewhere
[12:25] <safarious> this means aberr, folly, wisdom - where completly useless until now
[12:25] <safarious> i try to change the code of the image..
[12:33] <safarious> allright i added the code, to execute 3301
[12:34] <safarious> can someone help to put the initrd back to an .img file?

From 2013

found data files in /tmp
folly counts as 258 and wisdom counts as 270
neither being prime
let me do dumps too
wisdom is the same, identical files

Linux prompt
You have to boot up the iso either in vmware or from a cd, once it starts
printing the prime Ctrl+C to acess a linux prompt
If you press Ctrl+C you can acess a linux prompt Login with username tc,
but nothing usefull has been found from what I know
the username is tc
TC = Tiny Core (nix distro)
[Default Username

Recording of what happens when you boot that linux CD


Source code: (contains legit PGP)

Map stucture:

$ file mnt/boot/isolinux/splash.rle
mnt/boot/isolinux/splash.rle: SYSLINUX' LSS16 image data, width 640, height 300

Format LSS 16

Copy of SPLASH

Splasgh screen from Cicada OS