Uncovering Cicada Wiki

This article documents a collection of interesting puzzles, seemingly related to Cicada 3301, which were either confirmed to be unrelated or lack sufficient information to be verifiable at all.



During the 2012 puzzle, "845145127.tk" was a fake puzzle. It was a registered domain name[1], and tried to mislead solvers by taking advantage of 3301's vagueness when announcing the second chance:

Follow the "Numbers dot TK" hint to find it.

The domain name references the legitimate "845145127.com" website from the 2012 puzzle. Its existence can be traced back to the 16th January. It contained an image in an HTML document:[2]

<img src="chance.jpg" alt="Do you need some?" width="309" height="425" />

The HTML document contained a sequence of spaces and tabs, perhaps encoding a message. It is similar to the last "845145127.com" update, but using the same decoding method fails for this message. Whether or not the whitespaces decode to any meaningful information is unknown.

This is an archive of change.jpg. It contained a whitespace binary outguess message, which when converted to acsii gives:[3]

Hash: SHA1

Here's your last chance:
How many roads must a man walk down, before I will call him a man?
How many seas must a white dove sail, before she drowns in the sand?
How many times must the old lies fly, before they are forever banned?
The answer, my friends...

[Some of you submitted an email address. You have received a key, and you 
knew where to find the lock. But do not feel proud; all doors lead to one 
room, and this task was easiest of all.]

13 to everyone.

Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


This PGP message was signed by the key 07CB82E3D0E8A26C ("Wind 3301"). This is not 3301's key, which proves this puzzle not to be legitimate.


Later, a PGP message signed using the same key appeared. Its author claims to be behind many fake puzzles from 2012: https://pastebin.com/V62m76fN

In a writeup about the 2012 puzzle, tekknolagi (one of the public 2012 winners) says:

At this point, our story takes a darker turn. Our elite IRC group of 8 people deceived the rest, and led them on a wild goose chase. We created a branch off the puzzle, and led them solving unsolvable things. We distracted them so we would progress and they would not. We’re sorry to announce that, but it’s a necessary part of the story.

The "branch off" he mentions might be the fake '845145127.tk' puzzle.

Not long after, a user named n_ posted the correct "Numbers Dot TK" URL to the n0v4 IRC channel. As it lead to a PGP-signed message from 3301, it presumably invalidated the "845145127.tk" website. n_ was a well-known solver from that time, who were working in a small team with tekknolagi. On his writeup, tekknolagi claims the user that posted the lead wasn't the n_ he knew. Could 3301 be behind this impersonation?

October 2013 /x/ threads:

26th october:




interesting post:


Wed Oct 02 2013 05:36:20

Quoted By: >>13508292 >>13508459


Cicada 3301 is, perhaps, the most dangerous organization the world has ever known. They are smart, large, well-funded, and very dedicated. The level of loyalty among their members approaches fanaticism.

They're not really occult like the leaker said. But it is somewhat similar to a religion in the sense that they provide a way to change -- to transform yourself. To take yourself to the next level. The next evolutionary step. Beyond yourself. Beyond your society. Beyond your own existence. Past all and into enlightenment. As soon as a person reaches that level they are snatched up (not all go willingly, although most do). They are dangerous, because they will usher in the demise of society as we know it. They are wonderful because what they bring in to replace it will be far superior.

In the mean time, they watch us all quietly. Waiting for us to achieve the enlightenment they try to lead us towards. And when we do, we disappear. To join the latest brood, and to move forward at last.

This is also interesting: http://archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/13507507/#q13508959

there were similar PGP messages found on patsebin:


Pictures of CICADA 3301 sticker we found on /x/ in october:


Cicada 3301 is showing up on 4chan periodically evry few weeks.

Sombody posted two pictures of stickers with cicada symbol. One was lledegyl taken from islandia another one from flordia.

This is supposedly taken on Iceland

Florida? Sign 1


Link to similar ticle in wiki: http://uncovering-cicada.wikia.com/wiki/The_Cicada_Sticker

And archived thread where posts are copied from.

Here are all link to archived threads with those photos:






Added on 25.9.2013:





Few days ago wind was in channel again, IP matched:

Wind hinted that arg 77days and 3301 could be connected. But they probabyl are NOT.

At same time there was /x/ trhead suggestign same thing. We dont know if tha thread was made by wind or did wind saw it and decide to stop in our channel.


15:38 -!- Wind [18f7814e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #33012013
15:38 < Wind> Hello.
15:45 < Wind> Why are you all still here?

More in logs: http://spiers.usr.sh:808/%2333012013.log

Basicly wind quoted few things from 77days. Mentioned team.forsvarsmakten.se/english/ as part of sequrity question. IP was from Traverse City as usual.

She mildly trolled us with quotes like:

15:45 < Wind> Why are you all still here?
15:58 < Wind> A lot has happened since my last visit.
16:13 < Wind> Change.
16:15 < Wind> -------------
21:14 < Wind_> ce5.
21:15 < Wind_> -------------
20:50 < NiceLurk> >Cicada 3301, a secret society
20:52 < Wind_> A society of 10 is hardly a society at all.
20:54 < masso> why only 10?
20:56 < Wind_> Only 10 exist.
20:24 < Wind_> What is the difference between a tree and a ball of twine?
20:25 < asqw> what is the difference between Wind and Cicada 3301?
20:26 < Wind_> Wind whispers to all.
14:05 < Wind> Do things left alone and clues never found change over time, or are they simply as static as ends never tied?

At same time she was logged in channel ##77days usign nick Alice__

18:15 < hitsujiTMO> /whowas wind
18:15 < NiceLurk> [00:15]	===	Wind 18f7814e gateway/web/freenode/ip. * - http://webchat.freenode.net
18:16 < NiceLurk>  /whowas alice__
18:16 < NiceLurk> [00:16]	===	Alice__ 18f7814e gateway/web/freenode/ip. * - http://webchat.freenode.net

Few posts related to wind:

20:24 < borken> (6:05:35 PM) Wind: Everything comes to an end.
20:24 < borken> (6:05:39 PM) Wind: -------------
20:11 < thearrowflies_> wind was a troll, right?
20:15 < borken> dunno
20:15 < borken> she talks quite a bit like the talk i had 2 years ago with her
20:16 < borken> but I did get this out of her.
20:16 < borken> (5:38:51 PM) borken: So are you on shift, or are you here of your own volition and interest, independant of direction from above?
20:16 < borken> (5:39:35 PM) Wind: I am here on my own agenda.
20:16 < borken> is that pasting html still?
20:17 < thearrowflies_> no
20:17 < thearrowflies_> the wiki said she was a troll
20:17 -!- thearrowflies_ is now known as thearrowflies
20:18 < borken> Doesn't matter what the wiki says.
20:18 < borken> The wiki is full of disinformation to throw followers off the trail.
20:19 < thearrowflies> ah
20:19 < borken> Be your own determining factor.
20:19 < borken> "3301 seeks self motivated people"
20:20 < thearrowflies> what exactly, or as exact as you can get, is 3301?
20:20 < borken> Those who know don't tell and those who tell don't know.
20:21 < borken> That is the sum of 3301.
20:21 < thearrowflies> I have this thought that its just recruiting for something rather lackluster
20:21 < thearrowflies> If it was anything major, I don't think they'd be recruiting so publicly
20:24 < borken> (6:05:35 PM) Wind: Everything comes to an end.
20:24 < borken> (6:05:39 PM) Wind: -------------

Some older Winds IPs:

[23:32] ->> wind is 602a99b6@n0v4-9DB6A6F.dhcp.trcy.mi.charter.com (n0v4 qWebIRC)





[04:20] <Anon7> wind, what's it like in Michigan?
[04:20] <wind> No, we aren't.
[04:20] <Anon7> You are.
[04:20] <wind> I'm not in Michigan, it's a fake IP.

18:03 < NiceLurk> [03:42] == wind [602a99b6@n0v4-9DB6A6F.dhcp.trcy.mi.charter.com]
18:03 < NiceLurk> Wind (602aa30a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:03 < NiceLurk> this are winds previous IPs

ON Sept 10th somebody posted two interesting posts in thread: Pastebin of whole thread: http://pastebin.com/HeHmGqv6

Anonymous 09/09/13(Mon)13:48 No.13396728Replies: >>13396733 Cicada 3301 is an interesting phenomenon. Are they a hacker group? A religion? A weird Pythagorean-esque cult? An ARG? A joke? I've been looking into them for years now. I've even talked to people who "made it," and I'm not any farther than I was years ago.

Here's what I've learned:

  • Even after making it, you have to truly prove yourself as an individual to get anywhere. And they'll kick you out if they even think you are a security risk.
  • Their structure and beliefs are accurately described in the infamous Cicada Warning document. Some people believe it really was a leak. Some people think it was a fake leak. Some think it was fake altogether. Either way, multiple people who "made it" confirmed that a lot of the info contained was accurate.
  • They are very good at what they do. Which suggests a level of professional training beyond what people get in the "civilian" world. Many of the higher-up members seem to be former intelligence officers.
  • They have their hands in information security, and international relations. They may even be involved with the TED conferences.
  • One of their leaders goes by the alias "magicicada," the genus of 13- and 17-year periodical cicadas. magicicada seems to mastermind a lot of Cicada 3301 operations.
  • They tell new recruits that their goal is to improve freedom around the world.
  • They do a lot of weird shit with prime numbers, cryptography, and ancient mystery stuff. Like Aleister Crowley.
  • They apparently try to "hack" reality, like they would hack computers. By making small changes that result in larger changes. (Not sure of a specific example, but this is what one person who had made it told me after he got kicked out.)
  • They seem to have a large and international presence. They seem to be very well funded.

Continued.>> Anonymous 09/09/13(Mon)13:49 No.13396733Replies: >>13396805 >>13396728

  • They seem to have serious scholars in other areas than security and cryptography. Even including philosophy, art, diplomacy, etc.
  • There could be a military connection. Or an NSA connection. But it seems more like people in NSA or military joined. Not that the NSA or military created Cicada. Which is consistent with the "good at what they do" point.

I hope that helps you guys. I originally thought it was some kind of ARG. Now I'm pretty sure it's a legit secret society. Although, I have no clue what the hell they're trying to accomplish. Or who they are. Or where they came from. Or anything else.

Another interesting post:

Anonymous 09/11/13(Wed)00:01 No.13404677 Replies: >>13405108 I won in 2013. I am now a member. I can't really say much about it, other than it's pretty insane. They'd excommunicate me if they even saw me claim to be "in" in public.

The puzzles did finish this year. I got an email, which led to more and more personalized puzzles. So you're right, it is over. For now.

Everybody just needs to wait until 2014 to see... This next one is supposed to be the "final" one, and will is supposed to reveal something even greater.

Fake bbc 2015

This is info on fake BCC news page puzzles and pi.mobi puzzles.

Here are few links documenting cicada 3301 impersonator puzzle from 2015

We believe that authors of this puzzle are same people as authors of so called pi.mobi puzzle from 2016.


None of those puzzles are documented on this wikia page, since general consensus is that both were impersonator puzzles. (they never produced single verifiable PGP signed message).

This are best sources of both fake puzzles (in german use https://translate.google.com/):





pi.mobi 2016

Best source of pi.mobi puzzles is http://archive.4plebs.org/x/search/text/.mobi/, most of it happened on 4chan/x/

We believe that creators of this puzzle are associated with few youtube accounts and are active in main CICADA3301z fecebook group.

Sophia Musik: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnouYyjQ95buGKVs0-RbdgQ

Whoiscicada3301: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXOb7oQgVrgUBTTq_C4vdxQ


Mojave desert / sevens.exposed / Defango 2017

In Jan 2017 they (probably same group as previous years) started with another puzzle.

Here is some information how it started: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Cicada_3301#There_was_no_puzzle_in_2017

http://sevens.exposed/ webpage was used to post music, videos and jpgs.

At some point solvers of this puzzle were also solving another ARG called Tengri 137

Then they brought up same spear that was found in 2016.

Backup of now deleted video from Z 3301 channel, The Pilgrimage Continues : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKgw-sJL80I

For further developement check Defango And Outer Dark channels on youtube:

All details about spear of destiny from 2016: https://pastebin.com/udCu1EDn

2015 Pages





In one of the fake BBC News articles it talks about cicada maybe being an historian, both http://bbc-news.co.uk/ and http://anonystroud.co.uk/ domains are registered to 'Michael Jones'. There is also a historian called Michael Jones, not sure whether that has any relevance or not.


Liber Concordia (Book of Harmony)

  • mentioned on all but the last page
  • on page 1
    • "Egyptian book of Harmony, rumored to have been the basis of many of Pythagoras’s music and mathematical musings."
  • on page 2
    • "Obelisk at Heliopolis. Could an ancient book be buried there?"
  • on page 3
    • " “Book of Harmony” long associated with the city of Heliopolis "


  • mentioned on all but the last page






  • form:

Reply after signing cicada pgp key:

  • Subject: 5061 7469 656e 6365 2069 7320 7669 7274 7565 0a
  • From: 1n57lg2@hushmail.com
Hoarders can get piles of money,
That is true, hackers, that is true.
But they cannot help their neighbors;
That's not good, hackers, that's not good. 
  • Contains a lot of numbers..


  • from: 1nstlg2@privatdemail.net
  • subject: DEFINE
  • content:
Hoarders can get piles of money,
That is true, hackers, that is true.
But they cannot help their neighbors;
That's not good, hackers, that's not good.

       mail2web LIVE – Free email based on Microsoft® Exchange technology -


My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind."

Good luck.

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux) iQIcBAEBAgAGBQJQ+YMmAAoJEBgfAeV6NQkPJakQAJnYqlC4dZrCxj2nbRYbGQg2 WsAtQJTt/8E6sXT5gZmlM7cQyKijIaa6WU2jXEtRwHdWXMmSazXs0Sbg/kxxJZiF bL0u1+HOOgWX780/Fx3KHM3gImYp+EtOKGLcF/VR5px7HApKAfXBYGZB5ZUga3su odLN1wdDqwVN59U8vlvYYD5MFVqyOO77zJeL61hJ1PRvGVbcRw5vhSRz640j2T5e gpWs3gM5Ya5BDwvQpsK4Ysgb7KgYYw5H/e50r9sFGRApcZPG0+5qkoFSDQh/6IfH G6+DRMwdtD2eKURfCSMDYwxRRBsU4c1kWgN8Rqguk3UZuh55V6fpSRRbsnGNWOdD 3I+G8s6dbqC6VW2FRg3Ai64tw5VvN/OBjIk4hgO3UruUr8NM1EZ2FPnilkBH9qAq 3uLzmZ1icyCAgVHdlmqFzW+eXozVFxnhWpJ49Rl1bgnNN0V2PDnGEXZ2qHi6Fmo/ BENGbdBGgh5JkWRBb+XMuiHRGuOX2zp23UHAuevB2jD6KPX8ywunLYNG4wM2xCcc G48c/aVbcSZOaen1088xd0reIXZmMA1BzjjqgEUkSZ2mtwmVUncUpHj2EMhuUeMm PnBPgarvIGglzHxgmzjjWo64DBiVx0iNx2z0V7s9T7fmjOOdyDVBos6Gi9IapZS9 oATLwzKa/5oaT9h9l+5T =dBBp -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----




  • from: morkzackerborg@gmail.com
  • subject: 3301
  • Content:
Hi this is mark zuckerborg pls give me you're facebook passwork
  • NO SOURCE TO PROTECT personal IP of Mr. Zuckerberg


  • Decoded (base64):
Penis Enlargement - It's finally a proven theory! 2 amazing ways to enlarge your manhood - read below..
No need to dream...you can now expand your penis upto 3 inches GUARANTEED!
If you don't like our product we don't want you to keep it.
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  • Decoded again (last line)
Yes, you have been trolled. Sorry.

The Triangle Puzzle

I think i know what "triangle puzzle" is. It appeared once on 4chan and i think i have a copy of it on my hdd:


I don't have original name of the file that would help us to look for 4chan archives, but i think file was downloaded on my hdd on 28 Feb 2012.

Image contains some outguesed stego:

Version: 1.99
Scheme: Crypt::RSA::ES::OAEP

We were trying to prove that this image is not connected to Cicada but no real proof was found. But We didn't try all posibilities.

There are few things strange:

  • font: We actually dont know what exact font 3301 is using is, but it looks like FUTURA II NORMA THIN but letterspacing is slightly off
  • Exiff, some say that some 3301 images show that they have been edited on MAC using Photoshop (still needs to be analyzed)
  • triangle puzzle picture has one pixel wide gray border on top right and bottom edge
  • "'complete the test' is simply copypasted from the final msg http://prntscr.com/1ud05w
  • RSA mesage in outguessed text might be decodable with primes from "Final puzzle" from 2012 (but there are two different  factorizations of it... not sure which is right)
    • that was solved using script below, result was quite intriguing and defiifnately proves that triangle puzzle was not done by 3301 but somebody who used long semiprime 3301 posted in final.jpg and made little sidepuzzle, question where number from final.jpg should be used remains unsolved

one pixel wide gray border, zoomed in bottom right edge of triangle puzzle


Correct factorization of 130 digit (431 436 bit long) number from Final.jpg is:


To solve triangle RSA using semiprimes from final.jpg as p and q components of RSA key run this perl script:

             use Crypt::RSA;
             use Crypt::RSA::ES::OAEP;
             use Crypt::RSA::Key::Private;
             use Crypt::RSA::Key;
             use Math::Pari ':int';
             use Crypt::RSA;
             my $rsa = new Crypt::RSA;
             my $keychain = new Crypt::RSA::Key;
    my ($public, $private) = $keychain->generate (
                                    'p' => '99554414790940424414351515490472769096534141749790794321708050837',
                                    'q' => '104593961812606247801193807142122161186583731774511103180935025763',
                                    'e' => '65537',
                                 ) or die $keychain->errstr();
             my $plaintext = $rsa->decrypt (
             Cyphertext => 
Version: 1.99
Scheme: Crypt::RSA::ES::OAEP

             Key => $private,
             Armour => 1,
                    ) or die $rsa->errstr();
             print $plaintext;

If you don't want to bother with perl, here is the spoiler: http://prntscr.com/1ud1kf  Test.pl was test to check if script works correctly, triangle.pl is the result of the script posted above.