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This article is work in progress, brainstorming stuff. It might contain disinformation and wrong leads. Verify everything!

JPGs in WIKIA are not always identical to the byte with the ones provided from 3301, please make sure you have the right one before analyzing them.

Please post only significant leads. Negative results of various tests should not be posted in collapsable form. Please make this article noob-friendly. Provide brief explanations and links to further resources. If you have a large amount of data to share, please create a separate page and link to it in this article. If you are making edits, edit only that subsection and not the entire page.

This page also serves to document our current progress. Place all relevant new discoveries on this page.

Trust nothing, verify everything!

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Since apparently, not enough people know the value of proper documention, we cant keep the wiki up-to-date efficiently. We cannot trust dubious pastebins, images of uncertain origin, and garbage strings that are being posted all around the wiki. Usually nobody PMs or pings a member of the community when new onion URL's or other information is being found. We have learned that in this round, onion domains and their contents are volatile; information on them gets removed within not even 15 minutes, and when they go offline, details are often lost. Keeping the wiki in sync with the information rumoured in the IRC, we are vulnerable to post mistakes - contrary to our goal for accurate and precise information.

I will not update Wikia, until I dont have proper proofs behind every pasta, jpg or .onion address.

Proper pieces of evidence are:

  • Timestamps in GMT
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  • PGP verifications
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People willing to help at documenting please join #CicadaWiki, we need more people who understand the point of this game, and are motivated to help at documenting progress, which sadly means you have to sacrifice the thrill we get from solving actual puzzles.

P.S.; I dont blame anyone, I know the feeling you get, when when you crack the nut, find new onion and your shaking hands type the url in. I know it is not easy to have enough self control to document progress during those moments. No hard feeling guys, you are all great!

DramaQueen Lurker69 :-P

Trust nothing , Verify everything!


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Just a thought - have you considered giving each separate stage (jpeg, outguess text, decrypted file) a separate page? This would allow the discussion of each lead to be linked directly to the artifact being discussed. I think we'd be less likely to lose potential leads in that structure.

We can try. But that would make just alot more pages to monitor and links in menus. An people would lost feeling for what happened when. For every onion we wuoul have 4 pages, now we have one. I suggest we make separate pages only for bgger discusions like  meaning of jpg on onion 1 was. And sometimes one thing hints to another, like on onion 3 where outguess message hinted how to solve  runes on jpgs; better to keep this hints together.

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Collection of pages from Liber Primus Book here

Progress overview can be found here

ONION4 https://avowyfgl5lkzfj3n.onion (currently offline)

How we found it:

<_BoB_> Using the key "welcome pilgrim to the" I decode the small rune picture as: A U O W Y F X L 5 L C S F J 3 N O N IO N
<dynomite27> so... an hour ish ago from now.

Vigenere again. and we were hinted

For the record, it uses the same cipher method as the two decoded pages, however with a new key, 'welcome pilgrim to the'. This equates to vignere offsets of:

[ 22, 11, 9, 24, 26, 10, 11, 16, 19, 9, 23, 25, 19, 10, 13, 26, 27, 11 ]

These are calculated by numbering the runes in reverse order (f=29, etc) and spelling out the phrase using these numbers.

Just as hint from outguesed page 5 said :-)

Hash: SHA1

Let the text guide you.

Good luck.


.onion 4  https://avowyfgl5lkzfj3n.onion ( html and screenshots)

When we found it:

It was found at: GMT 5:37AM (January 13th, 2013)

<Cyrex> you got that right? looks like Mleh found the onion site at 0530 gmt

Proofs that it existed:

Proof 1:


           ^ This does not prove anything. If you look at the address bar it shows the page is still  trying to connect, not that it is loaded already.

Proof 2:

Copy of Onion 4 showing </head> as first tag:

Here's a screenshot. I hit Onion 4 and just saved the page to make sure I had it. The only edits done to this screenshot were to blot out my username. <azzy23 - 03:36:10 a.m. Thursday January 16, 2014 GMT>


onion4 source

Proof 3:


onion4 contained another hex string with the same length as onion2 and onion3 hex string

All three strings can be found here:


onion 4 from 13. jan 2014

Proof 4:

This is the html source of the onion4 site:

Http Headers

HTTP/1.0 200 (OK)
Cache-Control: max-age=0, no-cache
Connection: close
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2014 05:39:41 GMT
Accept-Ranges: bytes
Server: Apache
Vary: Accept-Encoding
Content-Length: 615
Content-Type: text/html
X-Cicada: 3301

Did < /head> exist or not? Again as with onion 3 different ppl claim to see different html

Log from #cicadasolvers 14.1.2014 01:55 GMT:

< /head> did exist. But some people don know how to properly view and inspect html; some  interpretors and addons automatically hide improperly closed tags and nonstandard html stuff, I think IE was doing that retarded  thing, i am not sure for FireBug, check documentation; anyways, make sure you check your html in browser/addon that shows source html without any changes or fixes.

Did onion 4 have end head in beginning of html logs

Did onion 4 have end head in beginning of html logs

[02:41] <moensch>  Does someone have the pastebin for that earlier onion with the missing <head> *open* tags handy?
[02:41] <-- khorchanov_ (c506d766@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Quit: Page closed)
[02:41] <cydoniac> apparently
[02:41] <soulseekah> Link!
[02:42] <-- brownsugarcube (328283de@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has left #cicadasolvers
[02:42] <cydoniac> moensch this is all on wiki
[02:42] <cydoniac> I can't be google bot for everyone anymore
[02:42] <Lurker69> moensch: should be on oage 1
[02:42] <cydoniac> It's annoying
[02:42] <-- Pse ( has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[02:42] <azzy23> 65532 isn't the highest port.
[02:42] <Eve5> The file would have head to change three times, if this 65532 thing would be true, because I have a copy with 57 and 65532.
[02:42] <Lurker69> moensch: not tthat latest onion started wit </head> O.o
[02:42] --> Pse ( has joined #cicadasolvers
[02:43] <Lurker69> not sure if  cicada is making fun of his own mistakes
[02:43] <Lurker69> or just hanig fun with us
[02:43] <cydoniac> the <head> thing is totally a clue, I doubt it's a joke tbh.
[02:43] <durex> azzy23 i thought its something along those lines from the top of my head
[02:43] <cydoniac> they wouldn't forget to close it on the first one...seems extremely odd unless it's a beginner html person coding it
[02:43] <azzy23> I think it's the highest port a proxy can use... but not 100% about that
[02:43] <Eve5> It did not start with </head> that paste is corrupted.
[02:43] <cydoniac> what?
[02:44] <MasterKey> azzy23: it's not
[02:44] <cydoniac> eve5 proof?
[02:44] <Lurker69> eve that needs to be investigated imediateyl
[02:44] <Eve5> Wait.
[02:44] --> Hurnean (~Humean@unaffiliated/humean) has joined #cicadasolvers
[02:44] <Lurker69> i got printscereen of </html>
[02:44] <cydoniac> Everyone has been lead to believe it started with </head>
[02:44] <Lurker69> it is in wika next to html
[02:44] <azzy23> ty MasterKey.
[02:45] <cydoniac> I would believe Eve above everyone else though for the html response
[02:46] <Eve5>
[02:46] <azzy23> The head tag appeared to be different at different times. Someone... was it soulseekah? had screenshots comparing the two
[02:46] <cydoniac> huh?
[02:46] <cydoniac> So you only have <head> not </head>
[02:46] <weaponsGrade> soulseekah.... (2^16) - 4 = 65532
[02:46] <Eve5> Or may the uploader have fixed it manually?
[02:46] <weaponsGrade> what did you post in that img
[02:46] <cydoniac> there's a printscreen of source tho
[02:46] <weaponsGrade> it's a diff of two files, what are they
[02:46] <-- Humean (~Humean@unaffiliated/humean) has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[02:46] <cydoniac> not just a paste
[02:46] <cydoniac> and it has </head> too
[02:46] <cydoniac> so confusing
[02:47] <azzy23> Mine didn't have a <head>, it started with </head>... so I dunno
[02:47] <cydoniac> link!
[02:47] <amylyn> highest port is 65536
[02:47] <moensch> So, is the proper paste to use for onion4 and the missing <html> and <head> open tags can be ignored?
[02:47] --> D_Synapse ( has joined #cicadasolvers
[02:48] <Lurker69> moensch: not yet
[02:48] <Eve5> So maybe it was edited. Don't know who uploaded it.
[02:48] <dead> i saw it
[02:48] <Lurker69> i uploaded it
[02:48] <dead> at first it had <html><head> then it updated
[02:48] <moensch> Ah. Or someone is using Internet Explorer which decided to auto-correct the broken HTML?
[02:48] <Lurker69> but i gt it from chat
[02:48] <dead> and removed it
[02:48] <-> rr645 is now known as rr645-afk
[02:48] <cydoniac> I reckon, it's probably better to disregard <head> for now as it is going nowhere
[02:48] <dead> its very odd, seems like a mistake or some ridiculously obscure clue
[02:48] <azzy23> dead is correct, it changed.
[02:48] <Lurker69> yeah i also think that ppl who didnt see it  reason was autocorrect
[02:49] <Eve5> So onion4 changed? Like onion3 with 57?
[02:49] <durex> can it be a browser added head...
[02:49] <Lurker69> but i dont know i missed that onion so all my claims are based on shit from chat
[02:49] <azzy23> Eve5: I believe so
[02:49] <-- Hurnean (~Humean@unaffiliated/humean) has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[02:49] <Eve5> This Cicada guys must be kidding us!
[02:50] <cydoniac> Sounds like trolling
[02:50] <TheLargeRod1> Yeah I can't get anything either, must be a random coincidence
[02:50] --> Humean (~Humean@unaffiliated/humean) has joined #cicadasolvers
[02:50] <cydoniac> seems like we're not going anywhere for tonight
[02:50] <azzy23> I have a save of the html if anyone wants it.
[02:50] <Lurker69> maybe even .to fixes html errors
[02:50] <Eve5> Did Entropy record this event?
[02:50] <Lurker69> idk
[02:50] <cydoniac> You know, there's a chance they'll just move onto the next clue tomorrow
[02:50] <Lurker69> entropy recorded added 57
[02:50] <cydoniac> Like how they left us hanging at the last random string
[02:50] <cydoniac> and then moved on
[02:50] <durex> .to doesnt fix it... i was using it the whole time
[02:50] <cydoniac> I don't think we have enough data to make sense  of it
[02:51] <Eve5> I mean the maybe onion4 change.
[02:51] <Lurker69> Eve5: possible
[02:51] <cydoniac> Can a bot monitor that URL?
[02:51] <-- Pse ( has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[02:51] <Eve5> Entropy does.
[02:51] <Lurker69> that is why we need timestamp in GMT for every fucking pasta
[02:51] <Eve5> I believe.
[02:51] <cydoniac> well, we'll know then
[02:51] --> Wand ( has joined #cicadasolvers
[02:51] <Lurker69> i think entropy was not set for new onion
[02:51] --> Pse ( has joined #cicadasolvers
[02:52] <Lurker69> numinit was not on when we found it
[02:52] <cydoniac> Doesn't seem like anyone is close to a solution with 3 strings. The closest theory anyone has is an RSA solution
[02:52] <gfawkes_> uhm, cant you just get the timestamp from chat logs? i mean this is freenode
[02:52] <-- Bordeaux (~Bordeaux@ has quit (Quit: Bordeaux)
[02:52] <durex> charset=windows-1252"
[02:52] <MasterKey> cydoniac: cicadaOS lead seems promising though
[02:52] <Lurker69> gfawkes_: we can
[02:52] <durex> maybe we need to convert it to utf8
[02:52] <Eve5> Yeah, we changed it later, to also report if onion4 comes back again.
[02:52] <gfawkes_> i know, its a PITA :)
[02:52] <-- perebor ( has quit (Quit: leaving)
[02:52] <numinit> entropy is monitoring it
[02:52] <durex> or some other char set
[02:53] <Eve5> And did she while onion4 was online?
[02:53] <cydoniac> or utf16
[02:53] <Lurker69> gfawkes_:  my log of solvers in GMT+1
[02:53] <cydoniac> I need to check cicadaos but VMware won't let me install it tonight, very annoying
[02:53] <Eve5> Why do I think Entropy is female? ^^
[02:53] <cydoniac> Of course entropy is a girl
[02:53] <cydoniac> Glados' sister
[02:54] <-- _scosol ( has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[02:54] --> tween (ad4200aa@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #cicadasolvers
[02:54] <Eve5> Entropy is from Greek(?) mythology?
[02:54] <MasterKey> cydoniac: we actually worked on the while cicadaOs thing for a while i made a paste with the dump of the chan maybe it will help
[02:54] <cydoniac> Means decay I think
[02:55] <cydoniac> no sorry
[02:55] <MasterKey> cydoniac:
[02:55] <cydoniac> lack of order, decline into disorder
[02:55] <cydoniac> I'm surprised more people didn't document CicadaOS
[02:55] <cydoniac> aberr empty file is weird
[02:56] <MasterKey> lots of files are still unused
[02:56] <MasterKey> aberr is one the strange things
[02:56] <-- _BoB_ (~BoB_@2605:e000:9000:4f00:b8a1:e193:7046:5cc) has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[02:56] <cydoniac> Are any of the files accessible in the OS
[02:56] <TheLargeRod1> has anyone checked their twitter lately>
[02:56] <cydoniac> Is there a normal GUI?
[02:56] <TheLargeRod1> i forget what it is
[02:56] <-- Mast3rPlan (~Mast3rPla@ has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[02:56] <cydoniac> nothing new on it
[02:56] <cydoniac>
[02:56] <durex> nothing new on twitter
[02:56] <Eve5> Checked twitter.
[02:56] <Eve5> Why is aberr strange?
[02:57] <cydoniac> empty file
[02:57] <Switch24689> Does someone have the link for the OS again?  Sorry, missed it, been in the other office.
[02:57] <MasterKey> Switch24689: check my paste
[02:57] <Eve5> I have thounds of empty files on my machine.
[02:57] <TheLargeRod1>]
[02:57] <cydoniac>
[02:57] <Switch24689> Thanks guys
[02:57] --> Mast3rPlan (~Mast3rPla@ has joined #cicadasolvers
[02:57] <-> inacanoe is now known as inabox
[02:57] <Switch24689> I'll crank it up on vmware tonight.
[02:58] <durex> it not fair of cicada to use stuff from prevoius puzzles... what about the new people solving this... bastards... :D
[02:58] <Eve5> They did the same last year.
[02:58] <D_Synapse> Suggested songs to play while solving this shit.. 1. The Prodigy - Poison 2. The Prodigy - Out of Space 3. The Prodigy - Firestarter 4. Clint Mansell - Pi r^2 5. Clams Casino - I'm God
[02:58] <D_Synapse> FJJ8hWDXWGs 6. Clams Casino- Natural 7. Clams Casino - Gorilla 8. Massive Attack - Inertia Creeps 9. Cannibal Corpse - Hammer Smashed Face 9. "Lycanthropy" - Six Feet Under
[02:58] <TheLargeRod1> ok this is bugging me
[02:59] <cydoniac> woah
[02:59] <cydoniac> text wall
[02:59] <TheLargeRod1> listen up real quick
[02:59] <cydoniac> oh guys
[02:59] <TheLargeRod1> from the page
[02:59] <D_Synapse> sorry.. i wanna be the channel DJ. my contribution.. lol
[02:59] <cydoniac> here's a little nugget I read today
[02:59] <TheLargeRod1> <mlehmk> if you mean hex string? That looks like output from /dev/urandom
[02:59] <TheLargeRod1> <jasonthorne42> agree. byte distribution seems indistinguishable from /dev/random. Graphs are:
[02:59] --> BloodRaven (a9fc0415@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #cicadasolvers
[02:59] <Eve5> Is there more to aberr besides beeing 0 byte? And there are many more 0 byte files in Cicada OS.
[02:59] <TheLargeRod1> has anyone tried getting the output from the CicadaOS of /r/urandom?
[03:00] <Eve5> This would be evil...
[03:00] --> CW_ ( has joined #cicadasolvers
[03:00] <TheLargeRod1> Downloading CicadaOS...
[03:00] <onecool> properly encrypted text should appear as random noise
[03:00] <moensch> TheLargeRod1: I like your thinking. So you're basically saying that the CicadaOS pseudo-random number generator might be.. *tweaked*?
[03:01] <durex> i dont want to check last years os out of preotest :D
[03:01] <TheLargeRod1> yes
[03:01] <silence_> Ye abut its all on the wiki
[03:01] <cydoniac> "Columbia researchers found that when subjects used a red background, they did better at tasks such as proofreading or solving anagrams, which requires attention to details."
[03:01] <Eve5> Mabe it is using dual EC DRBG. ^^
[03:01] <TheLargeRod1> it's not impossible
[03:01] <cydoniac> ;)
[03:01] <-- Pse ( has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
[03:01] <cydoniac> desktop background btw
[03:01] <TheLargeRod1> call it a 'salt' if you will
[03:01] --> Krixvar ( has joined #cicadasolvers

Html source of onion 4 'https://avowyfgl5lkzfj3n.onion :'

< / head >< body >< !--3301-- > 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
< hr >
< address >Apache Server at Port 5243< /address >
< / body>
< / html>

Lenght of string:

Current status:

Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of

List of all onion we have to check:


  • onion1
  • onion2
  • onion3
  • onion4

Linode server:  ( )

onion hidden services from 2012 and 2013 (not complete list)

Linode servers from 2013:


All of them unresponsive




All of them unresponsive

(this is list of all my onion addresses fomr documents i have  from cicada 2013... many of them can be fishy and not related to cicada at all :-P, this list needs to be doulbe checked and cleaned)


http://xsxnaksict6egxkq.onion/ 2nd onion
y2wyuvrqraowagc5.onion   onion 3 5

Onions from drops:



http:\\e75g73jqcudlwcrn.onion 8007 RAW mode
xsxnaksict6egxkq.onion   onion tor 2.0
nlskglcrw6k3pevc.onion ??
c1c4d4pr1me5330i.onion ??
y2wyuvrqraowagc5.onion   onion 3 5
Xoring the data with 560.13 at offset 12821 gave the following onion address   gbyh7znm6c7ezsmr.onion
http://cginiziglyaobyph.onion/ ??
http://jhiwjjlqpyawmpjx.onion/ ??


We have new theory that can change our perspective drastically.

Page with Magic 5x5 matrix, until now called page 4, might be actually last page of the Liber Primus book.

Check this logs:

One day in #cicadasolvers...

Excerpts of log from #cicadasolvers on freenode, 19.1.2014

[16:37] <ksihkehe> As I have said I believe the square is actually a cube. I have no idea what the significance may be, but the symmetry has significance.
[16:39] <ChuckFive> ksihkehe mind repeating your thoughts?
[16:39] <Bl4ckF0X> ksihkehe: How can you build a cube out of a square without any clue how to do it? And if you do it, what does it help?
[16:40] <nsh> there's only one way to make a cube from a square in euclidean geometry, and it's boring...
[16:40] <ChuckFive> you might be able to apply the 2d rules of the amgic square into a cube
[16:40] <ChuckFive> but i dont see the use in it
[16:41] <nbka> i'll repeat what we got before. only 6 numbers can be chosen to a magic square with the properties of our. it fits with the 6 primes
[16:42] <nbka> all the others are derived from those 6 to make it magic
[16:42] <dellboy> page 6 also has px density... so... px density is of no relevance... moving on
[16:42] <Lurker69> nsh: only one matrix is from cicada, other are transfomed one by people, some say they used totient fucntion to transform then, but i guess not all of them didi it correctly since nobody got same matrix with totient applied
[16:42] <ksihkehe> As I said I have no idea of how this might be useful or significant, though I did suggest that the analysis of the Blake painting may related. Even if we to sonsider only two dimensions the painting and its relative alignment may relate to the square.
[16:42] <Bl4ckF0X> ChuckFive: Well yeah true, thats not that hard, we already got any number we need. But then it'll be the same data as before with simply one dimension more
[16:43] <nsh> Lurker69, ah, right
[16:43] <nsh> ty
[16:43] <nsh> i still suspect the matrix can only be rendered meaningful in conjunction with some other data (possibly as a key to some cipher)
[16:44] <nsh> just because it doesn't contain a lot of information
[16:44] <ChuckFive> Bl4ckF0x, thats basically what I'm saying. don't know what to do with a cube
[16:44] <nbka> nsh: my thinking. we get 3 numbers from the matrix (the 6 primes are repeated in pairs), and we also have 3 strings from before
[16:44] <Bl4ckF0X> We'd have a cube with the same numbers but still nothing to do with it, right
[16:44] -*- nsh nods
[16:45] <nsh> (at nbka)
[16:45] <ChuckFive> :>
[16:45] <nsh> anyone got maple installed?
[16:45] <nbka> can be just a coincidence, but i think it might hold water.
[16:46] <nsh> did all three things have the approximate same final entropy? about 7 bits/byte
[16:46] <Bl4ckF0X> Well I don't know if it reached this channel, but some ppl agree with me that the matrix is on the last page of "liber primus"
[16:46] <nsh> Bl4ckF0X, is there a picture of that page somewhere?
[16:46] <Bl4ckF0X> Not on the fourth
[16:46] <Lurker69> Bl4ckF0X: might be
[16:46] <nsh> s/things/strings/
[16:47] <Lurker69> Bl4ckF0X: so we got it before it was intended? or did we receive whole book yet?
[16:47] <Bl4ckF0X> They gave us the last page when we unexpected got on the "server-status" page
[16:47] <Lurker69> nsh: in wiki on page 3 i think
[16:47] <masso> dellboy: notice that outguess is 8years older than the current JFIF specification
[16:48] <nsh> Lurker69, ty
[16:48] <Lurker69> Bl4ckF0X: yes makes sense
[16:48] <mancha> ChuckFive: Someone recently linked me to a PDF you made flowcharting the progress. I wanted to commend you. Nicely done.
[16:48] <nsh> ( )
[16:48] <TaiiwoBot> ^ CICADA 3301 Liber Primus Sacred BOOK - Uncovering Cicada Wiki ^
[16:48] <Lurker69> Bl4ckF0X: but do you think there are other pages after page 5 and6?
[16:49] <dellboy> masso: im not looking at outguess at thiss stage... im comparing hex outputs of images...
[16:49] <Bl4ckF0X> Lurker69: Could be but I don't think so
[16:49] <nsh> wait, that ascii art cicada on ...
[16:49] <TaiiwoBot> ^ CICADA 3301 Liber Primus Sacred BOOK - Uncovering Cicada Wiki ^
[16:49] <nsh> was that derived from somewhere, or fan art?
[16:49] <masso> Bl4ckF0X: I absolutely agree
[16:49] <Lurker69> dellboy: i am gonna upload all images now, i thnk i collected the m all and originals
[16:49] <nsh> (could be code in some esoteric language)
[16:49] <Bl4ckF0X> The matrix seems to be the end of the book
[16:50] <TryWalkingAcross> Words "liber primus"are not in the centre of the the page
[16:50] <ChuckFive> ty mancha
[16:51] <masso> Bl4ckF0X: imho you're right. the matrix is our last puzzle that needs to be solved. most likely even without anything from the former pages..
[16:53] <idontworkfor3301> hmmmmm
[16:53] <idontworkfor3301> I think the answer may have been in front of us the entire time
[16:53] <masso> Bl4ckF0X: In my opinion, the matrix pic was meant to be released on the latest oinion. Maybe the last string was planned to update slowly like the others did, and then, after it would show up completely, the matrix should show up.
[16:55] <TryWalkingAcross> Do we win something or do we lose something?
[16:55] <masso> they only gave us the matrix early because we accidentally found the server status page
[16:56] <dellboy> ps masso: all images are jfif 1.01 standard... which is from 1991
[16:57] <tom__> as I said over and over again, at this point with the dirbustin there was a logical break
[16:58] <nsh> instar-outstar networks are a kind of a recurrent neural network topology, used in AI research
[16:58] <nsh> --
[16:58] <nsh> One variant of these learning equations, called Instar Learning, was introduced by Grossberg in 1976 into Adaptive Resonance Theory and Self-Organizing Maps for the learning of adaptive filters in these models. This learning equation was also used by Kohonen in his applications of Self-Organizing Maps starting in 1984. Another variant of these learning equations, called Outstar Learning, was used by Grossberg starting in 19
[16:58] <nsh> 67 for spatial pattern learning. Outstar and Instar learning were combined by Grossberg in 1976 in a three-layer network for the learning of multi-dimensional maps from any m-dimensional input space to any n-dimensional output space. This application was called Counter-propagation by Hecht-Nielsen in 1987.
[16:58] <nsh> --
[16:58] <TaiiwoBot> ^ Stephen Grossberg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ^
[16:58] <nsh> ( )
[16:58] <Bl4ckF0X> masso: I agrre with you
[16:58] <TaiiwoBot> ^ Recurrent neural networks - Scholarpedia ^
[16:59] <tom__> nsh: but how to come from cicada to Grossberg?
[17:00] <nsh> just the phrase "like the instar" used in one of the messages
[17:00] <nsh> found the word intriguing. it's unlikely to be relevant connection
[17:00] <idontworkfor3301>
[17:00] <nsh> just grist for the intuition mill :)
[17:00] <TryWalkingAcross> No solution. Cicada may be bright but not elegant and rather untidy imho
[17:01] <tom__> nsh: google: "like the instar" About 1,900 results (0.34 seconds)
[17:01] <Bl4ckF0X> We have to put things back into the right order. And we should attend the text, in my opionon we neclected the text too much and tried random things instead of reading the text and allow ourselves to be led by it..
[17:02] <tom__> Bl4ckF0X: yeah!
[17:02] <nsh> tom__, it's an entomological term for a larval lifecycle stage, characterized by eventual shedding of an exoskeleton, hence the symbolic value. i just find the word quite poetically appealing..
[17:03] <tom__> I would like, again I know, point to the lines which have no primes (from page 5&6) and the text, that primes and the totient function are sacred
[17:03] <tom__> nsh: yes, but this is no poetic cirlce but a group to solve cicada, sorry!
[17:03] -*- nsh smiles, nods
[17:04] <Bl4ckF0X> They told us "Let the text guide you" And we used single phrases created any conjectures, but never concetrated on what the text as a whole wanted to tell us..
[17:04] <idontworkfor3301> Book-page-4.jpg
[17:04] <TaiiwoBot> ^ ^
[17:04] <idontworkfor3301> How are there six runes for "THNGS"
[17:04] <idontworkfor3301> typo?
[17:04] <tom__> so, the last interpretation of sacred was, that that which is sacred, may NOT be touched (transformed, XORed etc.)
[17:04] <Lurker69> dellboy: and others
[17:04] <Lurker69>
[17:04] <TaiiwoBot> ^ Outguess detection visaul analysis - Uncovering Cicada Wiki ^
[17:04] <tom__> so lines without primes SHOULD be worked on
[17:04] <Lurker69> here is link to 7zip filr wit all
[17:05] <Lurker69> ALL
[17:05] <Bl4ckF0X> Moreover I think "the text" aren't just the last rune pages we found but the whole text..
[17:05] <Lurker69> cicada images from 2012 until 32014
[17:05] <sir_phobos> idontworkfor3301 thngs isn't over the set of runes it corresponds to
[17:05] <Lurker69> Bl4ckF0X: so yuo think that by finding server-status we accidentally whole game?
[17:05] <Lurker69> thus
[17:05] <Lurker69> THE GAME
[17:05] <sir_phobos> it should be one to the left
[17:06] <dellboy> thanks Lurker69
[17:06] <idontworkfor3301> Then what is between all and thngs?
[17:06] <idontworkfor3301> that six rune word
[17:06] <idontworkfor3301> Do we have a mis translation??
[17:06] <Bl4ckF0X> idontworkfor3301: It's not 6 runes, the text just isn't aligned right
[17:07] <Bl4ckF0X> The 6 runes is "Should"
[17:07] <idontworkfor3301> ooooh I see
[17:07] <idontworkfor3301> nvm
[17:07] <sir_phobos> ^
[17:07] <idontworkfor3301> got it
[17:08] <ICU> Which picture is 'page 4' in the link given by Lurker69?
[17:08] <idontworkfor3301> Bl4ckf0x have you ever considered equivalency statements for the text Primes are sacred the totient function is sacred... So try to find something where totient function = prime?
[17:08] <Lurker69> one that should be last one according to bl4ckfox
[17:08] <Lurker69> icu ^^
[17:09] <ksihkehe> Totient function will never = prime.
[17:09] <Lurker69> in my zip there is old page naming
[17:09] <mancha> ksihkehe: you mean the range of the totient function doesn't include primes.
[17:09] <ICU> Lurker69: Thanks, gotta check something
[17:10] <idontworkfor3301> ksihkehe I realize that, but maybe it is significant of something
[17:10] <ksihkehe> It may include primes, be the end integer will never be a prime.
[17:10] <ksihkehe> The totient function is not a range.
[17:10] <mourn> ksihkehe: phi(3) = 2 which is prime
[17:11] <paraardhes2> 'Stuck in a moment' -> 'Stuck in an onion'
[17:11] <mancha> ksihkehe: and it's not true :)
[17:11] <mancha> phi(3)=phi(4)=2
[17:11] <Bl4ckF0X> mourn: Thats the only exption
[17:11] <ksihkehe> Meh, the exception is 2. 2 is a non-standard prime.
[17:11] <Bl4ckF0X> All totients are dividable by 2
[17:12] <mancha> but other than 2, there is no other x such that phi(x)=odd prime
[17:12] <mourn> it won't give an odd prime, that is to say
[17:12] <mancha> one quick proof is that phi(x) is always even.
[17:13] <mancha> phi() is called a multiplicative function. so if you re-write it in terms of the prime factors, you'll see you get at least one factor of 2 in the result.
[17:13] <Bl4ckF0X> So this leads nowhere and we should stop it at this point.
[17:14] <Bl4ckF0X> Don't let it distract you
[17:14] <idontworkfor3301> Or maybe "YOU ARE A BEING UNTO YOURSELF." and "YOU ARE A LAW UNTO YOURSELF. " Can be recombined as A law = A being
[17:14] <idontworkfor3301> sorry
[17:14] <idontworkfor3301> just an idea

~The trial never ends~

~Not all mysteries are solvable, but the prize comes in the pursuit.~

<Wind> Motivated people see results.
<Wind> -------------


Our latest endaviours logs on: #cicadasolvers </p>

A warning!

Believe nothing from this book.

Except what you know to be true.

Test the knowledge, find your truth,

experience your death.

Do not edit or change this book.

Or the message contained within.

Either the words or their numbers

For all is sacred!


Welcome, pilgrim to the great journey toward

the end of all things. It is not an easy trip,

but for those who find their way here it is a necessary one.

Along the way you will find an end of all struggle and suffering,

your innocence, your illusions, your certainty and your reality.

Ultimately you will discover an end of self.

It is through this pilgrimage that we shape ourselves and our realities.

Journey deep within and you will arrive outside.

Like the instar, it is only through going within that we may emerge:


You are a being unto yourself.

You are a law unto yourself.

Each intelligence is holy.

For all that lives is holy.

: An instruction: Command your own self :

Some Wisdom:




Know this:

272 138 shadows 131 151
aethereal buffers void carnal 18
226 obscura form 245 mobius
18 analog void mournful aethereal
151 131 cabal 138 272


Is this the end? Do things ever end? Do things left alone and clues never found change over time...

Check this link... Check when it was posted.

Few helpful links:

you can leave your final impressions there, maybe 3301 will read them

Cicada 3301 2014 Main articles and Subpages

Subpages, tools, splinter groups, other sources...

Onion 4 offline...or is it?

written on 24.Jan.2014

We have observed in the past that when They are finished with an onion hidden service address, They take down the hidden service.  Not only do They remove the webserver (or whatever else) that is running on Their hidden service, but They also take down the hidden service itself from Tor.  That is, there is no server to listen for inbound connections, but also the onion address is no longer reachable.  It is peculiar then, that the 'onion 4' hidden service address on port 80 is still reachable, even though the server listening on port 80 is no longer running.  This can be verified with netcat:

$ nc -v -x localhost:9050 avowyfgl5lkzfj3n.onion 80
nc: connection failed, SOCKS error 5

Looking at the SOCKS status codes, we can see that code 5 is for 'connection refused', NOT 'destination unreachable' (which is code 4).  Confer with what happens when we try to connect to onion 3 with netcat:

$ nc -v -x localhost:9050 fv7lyucmeozzd5j4.onion 80
nc: connection failed, SOCKS error 4

We get a SOCKS status 4, meaning destination unreachable.  If we try other ports than 80 on onion4, we will get status 2, connection not allowed by protocol (but again, this only happens if the hidden service is still up).

We know that 1) They usually take down hidden services after they're finished with them (not just the server software running on them) and 2) onion 4 is still up but not listening for connections.

Onion 4 online again

At 29 jan onion 4 went online again.

↑ ↑ ↑The happening (FACTUAL PART OF WIKIA 2014 PAGE 4) above this line  ↑ ↑ ↑

Current progress overview can be found  ------> HERE  <------

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓  The happening (BRAINSTORMING and OPEN LEADS) bellow this line  ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

Current status:

Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of - U2 - Live In Rose Bowl 360° HQ

Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of - U2 - Live In Rose Bowl 360° HQ

U2 - Stuck In A Moment lyrics

I'm not afraid

Of anything in this world

There's nothing you can throw at me

That I haven't already heard

I'm just trying to find

A decent melody

A song that I can sing

In my own company

I never thought you were a fool

But darling, look at you. Ooh.

You gotta stand up straight, carry your own weight

'Cause tears are going nowhere baby

You've got to get yourself together

You've got stuck in a moment

And now you can't get out of it

Don't say that later will be better

Now you're stuck in a moment

And you can't get out of it

I will not forsake

The colors that you bring

The nights you filled with fireworks

They left you with nothing

I am still enchanted

By the light you brought to me

I listen through your ears

Through your eyes I can see

You are such a fool

To worry like you do.. Oh 

I know it's tough

And you can never get enough

Of what you don't really need now

My, oh my

You've got to get yourself together

You've got stuck in a moment

And you can't get out of it

Oh love, look at you now

You've got yourself stuck in a moment

And you can't get out of it

Oh lord look at you now

You've got yourself stuck in a moment 

And you cant get out of it

I was unconscious, half asleep

The water is warm 'til you discover how deep

I wasn't jumping, for me it was a fall

It's a long way down to nothing at all

You've got to get yourself together

You've got stuck in a moment

And you can't get out of it

Don't say that later will be better

Now you're stuck in a moment

And you can't get out of it

And if the night runs over

And if the day won't last

And if your way should falter

Along this stony pass

It's just a moment

This time will pass

Should I replace that video with new one?

IS ONION 4 FAKE ? OR IS IT NOT? (SPOILER: probably it is real)

No onion4 is not fake, but it might be down because of DDOS

someone made edit in wiki saying that onion is fake, someone else later deleted his post... without properly investigating it, it is possible that onion 4 is fake, we have no real undeniable proofs it was ever on, or not enough proofs at least

guy claiming that is might be fake made sensible statements: < This does not prove anything. If you look at the address bar it shows the page is still trying to connect, not that it is loaded already.
  • he is absolutely right there
  • this is speculation

Here you can see his other contributions, he is not shitposter. People editing wiki, plese dont delete such articles, just post link to users page that wrote the article, so everyone can check his other contributions and decide to believe them or not.

Here I am adding how it IS POSSIBLE to fake this:

  1. Take small jpg
  2. Decrypt it with some text we got from cicada, like "welcome pilgrim to the"
  3. Use one of those two scripts to create .onion address with decrypted message.
Scripts that let you chose your preferred .onion addresses for your hidden service:

4. Put hidden service with this name on and say that you decrypted  small jpg and find the solution

5. I am not saying _BoB_ did that, and I think he didnt. But is is possible so keep it in wiki as long as you   cant provide proof that is can not be done. I believe that _BoB_ was right and onion is, well was, real. Since last part of address .onion was decrypted with "to the" part of passkey, and we dont have other lines from cicada that ends with "to the". Also getting onion with all letters 16 letters would take ages.


Guy that made this onion said it took him one night to get it,, i dont have his nick i have it in the logs, if you awant it PM me and i will look for it.


It is possible that Cicada created onion 4 in the same manner as described as a dead end and that there is an alternate path that exists through the puzzle. This would be a little more plausible since Cicada would have had the time.

Again, I am not saying onion 4 is fake, but there was a way to plant fake one in chat, so leave that in wikia for now. Also post more proofs that onion 4 existed, http headers and screenshots that doesnt have "still loading" icon :-P

"one must first go back...."  anonymous hint

For one to get further,

one must first go back....

Good luck guys!

^ disclaimer: above comment is currently unverified so take with a pinch of salt!

If you check Cicada 3301 2012 puzzle. At second step... people had to step back. So this advice form anonymous posted is very relevant.

Links showing what happened with this post and who made changes:


<mlehmk> if you mean hex string? That looks like output from /dev/urandom

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 13.32.42

prime count of string 1,2,3

Byte distro

Byte Distribution

<jasonthorne42> agree. byte distribution seems indistinguishable from /dev/random. Graphs are:

  • Total byte value counts for 3301 and /dev/random
  • Byte value counts for the three 3301
  • Byte value counts for three 256 byte files from /dev/random



We have three strings containing 2048 bit each leading nowhere (yet).

RSA is supposed to work with primes at least 2048 bits long to be safe.

We still have to assume that the Onion3_v3.jpg contains an outguess message, but we lack the password.

To all veteran solvers:

How resaonable is it to assume, that the key to getting the message out of Onion3_v3 is somehow connected to the three 2048 bit numbers? Maybe XOR them, XOR just 2 of them, multiply 2 and XOR with the third...

Then try to outguess using the result as a key... ?

XOR'd the three as: 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

No magic numbers or obvious patterns.

Converting the three strings to decimal gives the following values: 135, 99, 191. It is unlikely that these will be for RSA as they are too short, but there is only one prime. I can't say for the XOR'd values or the combined strings etc, but these values are definitely not p,q or e.  -Cripion101

Here are permutations of all 3 numbers, permuted against each other and their reverses:

and here is the script that generated the permutations (python):



<cydoniac> some people are convinced the 'command your own self' bit refers to an actual command or executable btw
<silence_> wouldnt be suprising, all angles?
<silence_> haha! check every angle?
<Lurker69> could be ! An instruction: Command your own self !
<cydoniac> Or brackets even
<cydoniac> (An instruction: Command your own self)
<silence_> hmmm:
<silence_> more goodies:
<silence_> intelligence is subjective
<silence_> "look at ALL the anlges"
<silence_> im thinking it's going to be hours before my script spits anything out.
<BlueFox> what is your script doing again silence?
<dynomite27> silence. either you script needs tuning, or we need to move this to a big amazon EC2 set up.
<silence_> treating the matrix as a decoding matrix. If it is, it "should" give me a key and message. :)
<silence_> its in java
<silence_> the broken diagonals do not equal 1033
<silence_> is 91 a totient or reverse totient of anything?
<silence_> patience is a virtue.
<silence_> sounds like a plan
<dynomite27> silence - how's the script?
<silence_> here's my java script, maybe ive messed something up.  Does anyone follow what im trying to do?:
<silence_> im sure there is a much prettier way of doing this, but i havnt written for over 2 years, and i was doing it small logic step by step
<silence_> i have it only looping once since i knew it would take a long time.
<silence_> I should get 2 matrices when it's done. 1 will be the key, the other the message.
<dynomite27> silence im not sure I follow.
<silence_> not yet.  script took longer and longer every time i added more data



[03:21] <Lurker69> [apophenia]:  i still odont know the magic behind http://1231507051321
[03:21] <[apophenia]> nxdomain
[03:22] <Lurker69>
[03:22] -*- Lurker69 is googling nx domain

More about this nonexistent domain
[03:54] <Lurker69> teefs i still dont knaow how this is done : http://1231507051321   i want to learn how to make domains like this.... i get no ip in browser but some text is displayed
[03:55] <[apophenia]> mmm
[03:55] <iIIuel> I get nothing from the url
[03:55] <Lurker69> oh opera display different error
[03:55] <[apophenia]> i get NXDOMAIN
[03:55] <iIIuel> I used curl lol
[03:55] <[apophenia]> Lurker69: go to a promt type nslookup
[03:55] <[apophenia]> nslookup 1231507051321
[03:55] <[apophenia]> u see NXDOMAIN
[03:56] <Lurker69>  firefox
[03:56] <[apophenia]> mean ur dns server not know of it
[03:56] <Lurker69> yeah i know no DNS
[03:56] <Lurker69>  opera
[03:57] <Lurker69> chrome doesnt open for ages -.-
[03:58] <[apophenia]> well w/e
[03:58] <[apophenia]> it is not a thing
[03:58] <[apophenia]> unless maybe u use alternate resolver where it a thing (?)
[03:58] <Lurker69> h looks like some firefox quirk
[04:00] <[apophenia]> firefox also could tryin to be smart
[04:01] <[apophenia]> or some media pc
[04:01] <Lurker69> media player on my lan...
[04:01] <Lurker69> yeah 
[04:02] <Lurker69> DSL TV
[04:02] <[apophenia]> u jus connec to it somehow prob
[04:02] <Lurker69> and some magic on router so i have all unppaid programms
[04:02] <[apophenia]> put http:// in front thing u put in firefox
[04:02] <[apophenia]> firefox prob try to interpret what protocol should be use, decide RTSP
[04:02] <[apophenia]> for w/e reason
[04:03] <Lurker69> chrome just google searche the phrase:  http://1231507051321
[04:03] <Lurker69> how can i turn that thing off
[04:03] <[apophenia]> http://1231507051321
[04:04] <[apophenia]> firefox
[04:04] <Lurker69>  i want to se propper 404
[04:04] <Lurker69> http://1231507051321 in irefox is what i posted
[04:04] <Lurker69>  firefox

 [07:07] <weaponsGrade> when I went to the http://1231507051321/
[07:08] <dynomite27> And do you get anything back?
[07:08] <weaponsGrade> tcpdump showed that ip
[07:08] <weaponsGrade> what is ff doing that chrome and ie arent
[07:08] <silence_> not yet.  script took longer and longer every time i added more data
[07:08] <cydoniac> you guys can't see the forest anymore
[07:08] <dynomite27> going to IM.
[07:08] <-- guest495 ( has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[07:08] --> Pilgrim (~pilgrim@ has joined #cicadasolvers
[07:09] <Krixvar> does cicadaos have lynx or any other cli based browser?
[07:09] <-- ffa (d97906d4@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[07:09] <cydoniac> it's a command line interface, doesn't have much of anything
[07:09] <[apophenia]> Krixvar: no...
[07:09] <cydoniac> it has a toolset I forget the name of
[07:09] <Krixvar> that's what I figured
[07:09] <Lurker69> weaponsGrade: i put that http://1231507051321/  in wikia, on page 5, i think log there explain that it is nothing
[07:09] <[apophenia]> tinycore linux
[07:09] <BlueFox> just chmod to executable
[07:10] <Krixvar> cuz if it had any nonstandard networking things in it I'd think they were there for a reason
[07:10] --> jobim (~jobim@ has joined #cicadasolvers
[07:10] <cydoniac> it's really not much to be honest
[07:10] <weaponsGrade> Lurker69 how the hell am I getting messages in tcpdump though
[07:10] <cydoniac> it's a very very basic distro
[07:10] <Krixvar> yep just checking
[07:10] <cydoniac> the bulk of the iso size is just 560.13
[07:10] <weaponsGrade> something is causing the browser to attempt to connect to this security camera on a mexican ip
[07:10] <weaponsGrade> *in firefox*
[07:10] <Lurker69> weaponsGrade: i dont nkow but that is not  domani
[07:10] <Lurker69> no IP
[07:10] <-- meow_ (ad103124@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[07:10] <-- seldom (187d2bce@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[07:10] <Lurker69> only firefox tries to be smart and do something
[07:11] <Lurker69> i think it is some TV shit
[07:11] <alldone> cydoniac: busybox
[07:11] <weaponsGrade>
[07:11] <TaiiwoBot> ^ Configurations ^
[07:11] --> aquila (53f809da@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #cicadasolvers
[07:11] <Krixvar> well damn
[07:11] <cydoniac> wait what the hell did I just click
[07:11] <cydoniac> this is totally not something we should be messing with
[07:11] <BlueFox> heh
[07:11] <[apophenia]> Lurker69: im askin some1
[07:12] <weaponsGrade> someone's unauthenticated rtsp streaming security camera in mexico... is this part of the game?
[07:12] <weaponsGrade> haha
[07:12] <cydoniac> don't put that on wiki
[07:12] <BlueFox> man you don't even know what you could see in mexico with that thing
[07:12] <Krixvar> lol well they might learn to protect it
[07:12] <cydoniac> that's someones own thing
[07:12] <cydoniac> not fair
[07:12] <weaponsGrade> tcpdump shows an http connection to that ip
[07:12] <Krixvar> to be fair we're not the first ones - aren't there entire websites with links to unsecured feeds?
[07:13] <weaponsGrade> Krixvar,
[07:13] <cydoniac> it doesn't mean ethics goes out the window
[07:13] <weaponsGrade> er
[07:13] <Krixvar> no I agree
[07:13] <weaponsGrade>
[07:13] <TaiiwoBot> ^ SHODAN - Computer Search Engine ^
[07:13] <weaponsGrade> cydoniac, I am not trying to be malicious
[07:13] <[apophenia]> weaponsGrade: it is now
[07:13] <cydoniac> I know, but it should be left alone because it's blatantly unrelated
[07:13] <Krixvar> yeah - I agree that once we know its not part of the game we shouldn't touch it
[07:14] <Krixvar> but at least reading through things and looking to see if we can find anything without modifying it
[07:14] <Krixvar> that's cool imo
[07:14] <-- psyksiss (cb861dd2@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Quit: Page closed)
[07:15] <weaponsGrade> I'm just curious why firefox does an http get (shown in a tcpdump I have) when you browse to http://1231507051321
[07:15] <silence_> weaponsGrade: that link is to some security cam in Mexico?
[07:15] <weaponsGrade> yes
[07:15] <[apophenia]> weaponsGrade: i think it somehow still interpreting it as SHORT IP
[07:15] <Krixvar> I'm just looking through the parameter list to see if there's anything particularly sketchy
[07:15] <weaponsGrade> short ip?
[07:15] --> guest495 ( has joined #cicadasolvers
[07:15] <Krixvar> <ipaddress>
[07:15] <Krixvar>
[07:15] <Krixvar> <videoport>
[07:15] <Krixvar> 5560
[07:15] <Krixvar> <audioport>
[07:16] <Krixvar> 5562
[07:16] --> durex ( has joined #cicadasolvers
[07:16] <silence_> how did you find this?
[07:16] <weaponsGrade> well...
[07:16] <Krixvar> reading the config file on the page weaponsgrade posted a few minutes ago
[07:17] <-- durex-ultra_thin ( has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[07:17] <[apophenia]> weaponsGrade: if u turn ipv4 address each octet into hexadecimal get 8 hexadecimal digit...this is short ip address
[07:17] <onecool> cameras are on now
[07:17] <[apophenia]> thye still work on many browser
[07:17] <weaponsGrade> [apophenia], thx
[07:17] <Krixvar> onecool - you mean you can see a feed?
[07:17] <[apophenia]> np
[07:18] <weaponsGrade> [apophenia], didn't know this.. makes sense though
[07:18] <-- Vess ( has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[07:18] <[apophenia]> yeah it rare to see now
[07:18] <weaponsGrade> Krixvar, only feeds I can see are dark
[07:18] <onecool> i don't think this is cicada lol
[07:18] <Krixvar> haha yeah me either
[07:18] <[apophenia]> so this off topic anyway
[07:19] <DecoForAptronyms> well you can look at screenshots (without active x), don't know if screenshots get made on demand or at intervals
[07:19] <Krixvar> where are you guys finding actual streams?
[07:19] <Krixvar> if there's screenshots its probably worth looking at for a few more minutes to see if its legit then dropping it
[07:19] -*- gjvc waking up
[07:19] <DecoForAptronyms> that mexican webcam
[07:19] <[apophenia]> for more mexicam discuss go to ##firefoxmexicam <-- note 'm'
[07:19] <gjvc> what's new?
[07:19] <DecoForAptronyms> click home
[07:20] <Krixvar> der
[07:20] <DecoForAptronyms> kinda looks like someones holding a hand in front of the lense but tbh its shit quality, could also be shadows on a wall
[07:20] <Krixvar> well shit I'm on linux
[07:20] <Krixvar> no activeX for me
[07:20] <-- gigart (46b9d742@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[07:20] <DecoForAptronyms> me too
[07:20] <DecoForAptronyms> just click on screenshot
[07:20] <gjvc> This is a plug-in (ActiveX). If you see this text, your browser is not support or disable ActiveX.
[07:21] <gjvc> dammit
[07:21] <DecoForAptronyms> or rather snapshot
[07:21] <Krixvar> yeah
[07:21] <silence_> i got the same message gjvc
[07:21] <DecoForAptronyms> upper left corner of the pic
[07:21] <-- jobim (~jobim@ has quit (Quit: jobim)
[07:22] <DecoForAptronyms> well we COULD check the "send timestamp" option to check if the cam always takes a new pic when we click the snapshot button
[07:22] <-- sudo (8a072493@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Quit: Page closed)
[07:22] <weaponsGrade> there's a timestamp on the jpg, it updates
[07:22] <DecoForAptronyms> ok
[07:23] <DecoForAptronyms> know what i mean by "kinda looks like a hand"?
[07:23] <L4T1V3> yeah but its a dark room and windows
[07:23] <Krixvar> won't outguess but that's understandable
[07:24] <[apophenia]> ...
[07:24] <silence_> it does look like a hand!
[07:25] <DecoForAptronyms> well i guess that's just some poor guys badly protected private security cam
[07:25] <Krixvar> yeah
[07:25] <silence_> like 3 fingers
[07:25] <-- alldone (45cc763a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Quit: Page closed)
[07:25] <DecoForAptronyms> right?
[07:25] <BlueFox> omg 3 = god
[07:25] <L4T1V3> lol


11:50 < Alighieri> Maybe we're only supposed to use those bytes from the onion3 string that had a prime number interval?
11:50 < mlehmk> how would we know the intervals if we had not recorded them?
11:50 < mlehmk> answer that question first
11:51 < Alighieri> Someone had them.
11:51 < Alighieri> We have them recorded.
11:51 < mlehmk> but others don't
11:51 < Alighieri> Oh well, just an idea.
11:52 < mlehmk> I'd only go for information or clues that can still be retrieved as of now
11:53 < mlehmk> it'd be a surprise if the time intervals actually matter
11:53 < TotalNoob> Hello!
11:54 < idontworkfor3301> Hi!
11:55 < Vexus> mlehmk, but this is coming from those who hide messages withing messages within songs played insie out and back to front
11:55 < Vexus> :P
11:58 < _fenrir> Possible progress on the two onion strings from me here:
11:58 <@TaiiwoBot> ^ CICADA 3301 2014 PUZZLE FACTS PART 4 - Uncovering Cicada Wiki ^
11:59 < TotalNoob> Eh, all I got is that 1033 is 3301 backwards. I'm still trying to fumble through the wiki
11:59 < Vexus> ^ I hear you there totalnoob
12:00 < Alighieri> About intervals:
12:00 < Alighieri> Who said we don't have them.

[03:13] <idontworkfor3301> Ctrl+f for Alighieri
[03:15] <Lurker69>


Epistularum liber primus was written by Quintus Horatius Flaccus (aka Horace) in 20BC. It was a response to Maecenas.

Epistularum liber secundus was written by Horace in 14BC. 20 BC and 14 BC.... 2014 - coincidence?

John Dee wrote the Mysterium Liber Primus. He studied the occult and wrote about the hierarchies and intentions of angels. He developed a "Holy Table" which supposedly was provided with angelic knowledge. It contains runes and symbols arranged in a square. His writings have a lot of geometrically aligned symbols, characters, and numbers pictured in them. From Wikipedia: "He believed that numbers were the basis of all things and the key to knowledge, that God's creation was an act of numbering." Link to book here:

John Dee also wrote the "Book of Soyga". Excerpt from Wikipedia is below:


Jim Reeds, in his short work John Dee and the Magic Tables in the Book of Soyga, notes a proclivity to record words backwards in the MS, citing as examples Lapis reversed as Sipal, Bonum reversed as Munob, and the title of the MS, Soyga, as Agyos, literis transvectis, revealing a practice which sought to obscure some of the works cited. 'Soyga' is ‘Agios’ (Greek for “Holy”) spelled backwards.

Reeds writes:

The Book of Soyga's preoccupation with letters, alphabet arithmetic, Hebrew-like backwards writing, and so on, is of course characteristic of the new Cabalistic magic which became popular in the sixteenth century, exemplified by the great compilation of Agrippa of Nettesheim (1486-1535), and borrowing authority both from the Renaissance humanist interest in the Kabbala expressed by such figures as Pico and Reuchlin and from the supposed Biblical antiquity of the Kabbalah."[3]

Of the square tables that obsessed Dee, Reeds continued, "Although... not themselves a characteristic feature of the traditional Kabbalah, they had by Agrippa's time become an integral part of the Christian magical Cabala."[3]



(onion 2) XOR (onion 3) XOR (onio4) XOR  { reverse order of (onion 2) XOR (onion 3) XOR (onio4)  } shows a bit of pattern:

a significant higher number of F characters is present: 50   (average is 512/16 = 32) an a low numer of "4" characters is present: 12


Edit by someone else, call me akiduck:  having 50 'f' characters isn't much to write home about, doing this analysis on random data yields some character with a frequencey of 50 or more around 2% of the time.

But the low number of '4' characters is more significant, having a character with that low a frequency occurs only 0.05% of the time with random data


I got this in PM from enPop44

[20:27] <GenPop44> i posted a PM for you in lurker69
[20:27] <GenPop44> Hello,  I have a number string from the 1033 magic square to test through RSA.341138272366226320181991303201511822636627219913034113813124591245131151, its not prime but its factors are
[20:28] <GenPop44> 19×14657×1224987781538644442145449823513506471262616461015696160315439690197
[20:29] <GenPop44> i got it using the SATOR square crypting at this link



Blake/Runes combined book code

Blake/Runes combined book code

My thinking about the matrix below was designed to address the fact that the symmetry in the matrix reduces the utility of ordering its component cells to find a key to anything. So I addressed that by assembling a book code as follows: Numbers in the matrix used to pick characters from Blake's Urizen 
(link at I simply counted characters, excluding spaces and punctuation. Two digit numbers come from the preludium. Three digit numbers from Chapter I verses 1-3. Rune words in the matrix are replaced from rune characters in the Liber Primus, counting runes by page/character with 'A Warning' as page 0, 'Some Wisdom' as page 1, etc - I did not use page/line/character because there are several numbers in the matrix that end in zero, which could not be converted to runes. 

Use the matrix below for reference. 
272             138             shadows         131             151
aethereal       buffers         void            carnal          18
226             obscura         form            245             mobius
18              analog          void            mournful        aethereal
151             131             cabal           138             272

We get:
L	[11 dots]	R	J		I
[,]	I		AE	Y		M
I	J		R	[11 dots]	L

So drop cells with non-letter characters; we get
L	---	R	J	I
---	I	AE	Y	M
I	J	R	---	L

Now, we have a non-symmetrical matrix. We also have a matrix with most of the letters of onion in the first and last rows, so a column transposition is a reasonable possibility here. But there are still 3 too many characters here for an onion address, so I think this is a dead end and that I was just seeing patterns.

Links not to foget about: IDEA 11

ppl are postign this in chat alot:

Some facts? about  continuosity of happening on onon 3:

All three 256 bytes strings are here ----> List of all Words, phrases and Primes mentioned in 2014 puzzle

Steganography with Magic Squares


So Onion 3 gave us a few things.... 1) 256 byte (512 char) string 2) A fake server-status page which contained data for the pg4 jpg 3) pg4 jpg contained the matrix in OOB data as well as in the image itself 4) after the short string the website posted a large string containing the pg5,6,onion data


Collapsed text

Does anyone else think this:,_XORing,_Gematria_Primus_and_two_TOR_adresses Has something to do with it?

Has anyone researched the quote or found any lead from this? Obviously they see we are struggling to find something with the 4th onion, and are telling us we have everything we need. Could this quote be of help? Or just a simple witty statement. Taking a few looks around, I stubmled upon this book  Maybe we have gotten a clue from this book, or the page that has the quote they used has something to do with anything. Just a shot in the dark but who really knows. Also this saying "knock on the sky and listen to the sound." is whats known as a Koan. Seems like they really want us to dig deep, and maybe even forget about reasoning, to find whatever is still hiding. 


Nevermind I just realized this like was from LAST years *Facepalm* Igonore everything I just explained



source: Magic square 2 of 13 shared secret scheme

the centrosymmetric magic square has 12 lines along which the magic number (in our case 1033), 5 vertical, 5 horizontal and 2 diagonals. Now because of the centrosymmetric property, the matrix has 13 elements. Any such structure then can be represented by one number and the position of the number. This is because if the magic sum and one specific element is known the above properties describe a 12 variable linear equation system with a unique real solution. For arbitrary numbers integer solutions won't exist, but for any x the magic square of x*1033 the elements will be x times the repective element of our original.

Now taken our particular magic 1033 matrix, our integers are relative primes so if you have any 2 elements their ratios will determine their position. Therefore our matrix can be used as a 2 of 13 cipher the following way. Take your secret, turn it into a number S, multiply it by 1033 then calculate all 13 elements of the magic matrix of base S*1033, then release them. Upon catching 2 of those, one can simply take the ratio, map it to the known ratios of our favourite magic square and voila, you identified the position. From one element and its position you can calculate the secret number S.

Rosecrucian compass cipher - segment permutation

Instead of squaring the circle lets circle the square. Our magic square can be represented as an onion like structure with 3 concentric layers. This is basically a compass layout, I suggest you imagine the drawing here :

This structure can be construed with the help of a compass and ruler very easily. Now because of the rotational symmetries of the matrix, the compass can be turned 180 degrees, both layers independently. Let's look at how we fill in our magic square. Any missing elements can be supplied by rotations if one side had the number and the other side didnt. For instance if we got 341 at north in the outer layer but south is covered, the rotation will uncover the south value. The other way to uncover a number is if we know it is in a line with 4 (or 2 in case of rotational symmetry) uncoveredd elements since we know they need to add up to 1033.

Now we can ask the question how many elements and in which position are needed to fill (or uncover) the
full magic square if we allow only rotations (R) and line completion (L). The answer is interesting. For instance almost all cases when the outer layer has 6 out of 8 uncovered positions, and the middle layer or center is the 7th. It turns out altogether 6 positions can be enough too (positions 1,2,4,5,6,10, using continuous left-right downwards reading style indexing).
But for the canonical case we can for instance take the arrangement with positions 1,2,4,5,10,11,14 revealed. Now this is a minimal representation in that no shown positions can be covered and still allow full completion of the magic squar using rotations and line completion. After rotating both layers 180 degrees we obtain the drawing on the original page 4 jpeg, where the runes on the matrix represent the covered positions. If you draw this in the circular compass format, it is obvious that it is a rosecrucian cross. It even looks like a sophisticated cipher device with a lock push from the middle layer outwards (cover moves from 245 to 226).

lets see now if we can say anything about the particular order of operations.

An observation is that 22 on the left hand side (position 11) is open while 226 on the right at position 15 it is covered. However all the south section of the outer layer is covered. If we assume this configuration results from a minimal representation we need to assume that instead of 180 rotation of the compass layer we individually flip opposite sides of each layer . This corresponds to rotation of an imaginary perpendicular wheel in 3d by 180 degrees (just for cool visualisation).

Another impportant realisation is that 341 is not eliminated before we reach clear the south bit, this suggests that line completion comes after all rotations.

Note further that 245 is not flipped so middle layer rotations come after outer layer ones.

These pieces of information together mean that for a minimal cover scheme there is a unique canonical way to fill in the matrix recording every position that is flipped or uncovered. Obviously using only the first 13 indexes.
Take the example of the above north oriented crescent, the steps are the following, 1,2,4,5,10,11,12,3,13,7,8,9
R R R R R  R  R  C C  C C C
It s easy to see that because of the rotational symmetry the geometric path is isomorphic if you got a cross pointing say NorthEast. The permutation itself is nontrivial since the matrix positions do not reflect the circular symmetry of the compass. Though nontrivial, it is still deterministic once we fix the pattern. Fixing the pattern here means fixing the first flip and the orientation, so each permutation (3bit information) can be equally characterized by a starting point and a direction. I take it that the hint for all primes are sacred (plural) and the totient function (singular) is sacred means 131, 151, 18, which is an unambiguous reference to position 4 and clockwise direction (key=4R).

If the hex strings are encrypted this could be segment transposition corresponding to the permutation described by the magic square cipher with key 4R. It is not necessary that the ciphertext has all the necessary 13 parts. In fact if we got 2 of them (one with key the other without), then 12 segments is both necessary and suffiecient to fully decode 13 segments.
If the hex strings are what we are looking for as ciphertext, then one segment is 256/12 = 63 byte long. Alternatively the ciphertext is the p4 garbage outguess


I noticed the only words in the magic square which appear as both runes and numbers are 'Moebius, Obsucra'.  Perhaps this is a clue to using a moebius function to find the solution.

<mizz> that is interesting about mobius.obscura being repeats in both number and rune
<mizz> the magic square asks for a hidden mobius

[13:12] <skuater> this words: (always) (genius) (acquires) (among) (action) (experience) (justice) (truth) (above) (and) (being) (daily) (equality) (corpse) (private)

^^^^this are words from book code from step 1 that were used to get letters for first onion

I would like to correct this paragraph:

Just a quick thought (corrected): mobius obscura from Google Translate, translates to "Dark Record." Maybe we're trying to look for a hidden record within one of the Hex strings? Looking at the last hex string I believe some of it may be garbage and there is something hidden within it.

mobius obscura is no latin phrase nor is mobius a latin word; obscura translates to "in the dawn/into the dawn" and mobius is no latin word

He might be on to something, Google translate is detecting Latin as the language, even though that word may not exist in the dialect.



272   138   341   131   151

366   199   130   320    18

226   245   91    245   226

18    320   130   199   366

151   131   341   138   272

<761> counts with gematria [patience is a virtue]


1) 226+199+245+91 = 761

2) 226 + buffers + obscura + form = 761

3) 245 + mournful + mobius + form = 761


1) or 2) or 3) = 


1033 - any line or column or diagonal will be our equation as they all add up to 1033.

3301 - Is there a combination that adds up to 3301? And if there isnt, maybe thats because it was < !--3301-->. Some people says ! stands for hidden code which I do agree with but in some programming languages ! symbolises NOT. Therefore if there isnt a combination adding up to 3301, perhaps its meant to be NOT 3301 ==> 1033. And we get a 1033 equalling another 'hex' string. Probably best to verify if some numbers do add up to 3301 first.


Somehow break up 'hex string' to represent numbers/words.. either we try a shift on the hex codes to ascii or perhaps they are not hex codes we need a someone to code a parser to attempt to brute force the code out of the string to form valid dictionary words. The parser would basically assign different 2 digit letter/letter or number/letter or number/number combinations to the 26 english letters and compare the outcome with a dictionary OR compare with the words from the above equations, if we were using the 761 as the initial string for instance.

e.g. the parser could try various combinations..

da = A

5b = B

c3 = C

and so forth,

16 by 16 hex by hex matrix = 256 cells of information.

Dictionary (Pace): (not sure if this is complete or been confirmed)


1) Let's put together all 3 strings we got, and make it 1, in the order of [onion2 string][onion3 string][onion4 string].

2) We got the first 6 hex characters == 87DE5B .

3) Let's analyze a little this semi-string we got, might become handy later. 87: Both numbers. DE: Both characters. 5B: 1 number and 1 character.

4) Let's compare this semi-string to the header (= the first 6 hex) of a .gz/.tgz file == 1F8B08 .

We're going to compare them in duos, 2 by 2.

[1st duo] [87 <> 1F]   *<> = compared to

[a] 8 + 7 = 15   
[b] 1 + F = 16 // Probably irrelevant.
[c]:::8 + 9 = 17 = 1 in hex. <--- We added 9 to 8 so we can make it 1 hex and match it to a .gz/.tgz .
[d]:::7 + 8 = 15 = F in hex. <--- We added 8 to 7 so we can make it F hex and match it to a .gz/.tgz .
[e] 9 + 8 = 17 <--- We sum up what we have added to the past 2 hex numbers.
[f] | 17[e] - 15[a] | = [2] <--- A number which indicates the transformation we just performed.

[2nd duo] [DE <> 8B]

[a] D + E = 27
[b] 8 + B = 19 // Probably irrelevant.
[c]:::D + 11 = 24 --> 24-16 = 8 in hex. <--- We added 11 to D so we can make it 8 hex and match it to a .gz/.tgz .
[d]:::E + 13 = 27 --> 27-16 = 11 = B in hex. <--- We added 13 to E so we can make it B hex and match it to a .gz/.tgz .
[e] 11 + 13 = 24 <--- We sum up what we have added to the past 2 hex numbers.
[f] | 24[e] - 27[a] | = [3] <--- A number which indicates the transformation we just performed.

[3rd duo] [5B <> 08]

[a] 5 + B = 16
[b] 0 + 8 = 8 // Probably irrelevant.
[c]:::5 + 11 = 16 => 0 in hex.  <--- I don't think I have to explain why we did this here.
[d]:::B + 13 = 24 --> 24-16 = 8 in hex.
[e] 11 + 13 = 24 <--- We sum up what we have added to the past 2 hex numbers.
[f] | 24[e] - 16[a] | = [8] <--- The number which indicates the transformation.

So, we end up with the indication-numbers: [2], [3] and [8].
We can see a pattern: Let's say [2] = a, [3] = b and [8] = c, we got =>  c = a+2b. That means if we have a and b, we can find a new c.

Indi [2] for 87 hex. [[[2 numbers]]]. We added 9 to 8 and 8 to 9. 2 = 1 + 1 [1 --> PRIME RELATED]. Just by knowing what our indicator is,
we can know what to add so we can end up with what we want: 87 hex => [(8*2)+1][(7*2)+1] = 1F hex.

Here comes the best part:

Indi [3] for DE hex. [[[2 characters]]]. 3 = 2 + 1[2 PRIME, 1 --> PRIME RELATED]. This time, if we perform addition like we did with indi [2] we don't end up with what we want.
What if we substract this time? Why? Simply enough because we got 2 characters this time, not 2 numbers. In order for our result
to be accurate with what we want, we need substract the biggest part of 2 + 1 which is 2 to the lowest character representation - hex number,
which is D. So we go like DE hex => [(13*2)-2)][(14*2)-1)] = 8B hex, what we want it to be.

Indi [8] for 5B hex. [[[1 number and 1 character]]] 8 = 5 + 3[5 PRIME, 3 PRIME]. This time there is balance, 1 number and 1 character. In order for our result to be correct,
we need to perform like this: 5B hex => [5-5][B-3] = 08 hex!!!

This could be possible to be the decypher mechanism of strings 1, 2 and 3 all together.


Matrix Converted Into Words

These are just my ideas/opinions not facts, it is not complete and may be totally wrong. I believe there is one central theme to the matrix. It could be Genesis. It seems like it centres around William Blake's life work wrapped in one 25 word matrix. I also believe there is a mirrored sub-theme e.g. Marriage and Disunion, Spirit and Body, Birth and Death....  Also we shouldn't always interpret these words at face value especially the words that were given to us freely. -`Sta

involution         omni             shadows           friar              cosmo

aethereal          buffers             void              carnal            Or

numinous       obscura            Form              codify           mobius

Or                   analog              void             mournful        aethereal

verve                augur              cabal              eros             disunion

Also I believe that every word is linked to another through proximity.

For example using Involution:

Involution --> Aethereal --> Numinous   (All to do with the spirit and the divine)

Involution --> Buffers --> Form   (The movement of spirit into the body via a buffer...our consciousness?)  Involution followed by Evolution. Spirit into Body.

Involution --> Omni --> Shadows   (Spirit within all things.)

272 - Involution: Check the link for the definition of involution. Dont use the google interpretation. [02:42] <`Sta>

272 - Disunion: "Marriage" is key to William Blake and he writes about the falling apart of marriage alot = disunion. He also uses the word Marriage in his title the "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell"

138 - Omni: Google defines it as "all; of all things" ---> Welcome, pilgrim to the great journey toward the end of all things. --> Welcome, pilgrim to the great journey toward the end 138.

138 - Eros: Can be erotic love but more importantly in this case the yeilding love for a lover who is out of reach. "Divided image: a study of William Blake and W. B. Yeats"

138 - Sloth: According to idea 19, a phrase containing "sloth" was posted by cicada 3301. Time/date stamp has it in December. This might not be Cicada at all. Or 138 might not be Sloth at all. Either way its fits.

131 - Friar: William Blake painted/drew a picture of him. Check the 'folly' bridge reference - probably a coincidence.

131 - Augur: Augury - a sign of what will happen in the future; an omen. Auguries of Innocence by William Blake

151 - Cosmo:

151 - Verve: Spirt or Enthusiasm. However in this instance it could it relate to the band called The Verve who pubished a strong called "History". The opening lyrics of the song are based on the first two stanzas of William Blake's poem "London".

18 - w[OR]ldly Or doesn't make sense to me, Or can also refer to gold, but that doesn't makes sense either. World/Worldly contains "or" and is alot more relevant. However this is totally bias interpretation. I get that

18 - Or: Or might be a reference to lifeforce, chi or prana.

18 - Orc: They dropped a "n" in a previous puzzle to make it fit, I think they have dropped a "c" to this work. Orc is the spirit of revolution.

18 - Or: Maybe simply a conjunction. Nothing more to it.

226 - Numinous: Google defines it as "having a strong religious or spiritual quality; indicating or suggesting the presence of a divinity."

245 - Codify: Google defines it as "arrange (laws or rules) into a systematic code."

Mobius: This is given to us already, and likely refers to the mobius strip. Personally think this is an analogy reference i.e. a plot with many twists and turns rather than any mathamatical references.

Form: This is given to us already. This is Form with a capital F. This is physical Form. "Form was built by Evolution, the Spirit built and entered it by Involution...."

Void: This is given to us already. Form evolves within the Void.

Carnal: This is given to us already. " Carnal love can be holy because it is the first step on the ladder to the true love of God. The “love of the Sex” may first be “corporeal,” but “as man was born to become spiritual” it also becomes spiritual. "

Buffers: This is given to us already. Is Buffers like Consciousness?

Shadows: This is given to us already. One of four parts of the individual. "Shadow is the remainder of desire after the passion and fire are gone. The Shadow is desire made immutable and immobile. It is the memory of desire."  The material world is the shadow of reality.

Cabal: This is given to us already. This relates to Freemasonary. Apparently Blake was a grandmaster from 1799 till 1827. [unconfirmed]

" The joys of scortatory love are the pleasures of folly but the joys of conjugial love are the delights of wisdom " 


Next Steps:

What do we do with all this? Does Cicada wants us to research William Blake to link this to a specific poem(s) or book(s)? Anyone got any feedback, you can reach on me on irc. -`Sta


Hostar posted this on irc:

[18:50] <Hostar>

[18:50] <Hostar> some work i've been doing on the words with latin
[18:50] <Hostar> it led to something called ptolemy theorum's_theorem

Matrix is mobius strip IDEA

[05:22] <ksihkehe> I'll offer one last bit of advice before washing my hands of this absolute den of nonsense. The mobius strip should be applied to the square and likely in a way you will not comprehend. 91 is the center and it holds significance. Folly is the product of knowledge and time.

<flour> so, about the magic square

[03:37] <flour> any new progress?

[03:38] <flour> cause i got somethin

[03:39] <@bakpak2hvy> fuck you texas

[03:40] <strange_tcyborg> yes flour?

[03:41] == Beato [~Beato@unaffiliated/beato] has quit [Quit: sunday]

[03:41] <flour> it's a mobius toroid.

[03:42] <flour> make the square into a cylindar

[03:42] <flour> and loop into a mobius

[03:42] <gonflynn> and how do we use it. How do we get info out of it?

[03:44] <gonflynn> i think you can even loop it into a torus, but that doesn't help at all if we can't get any info from it

[03:44] <flour> havent gotten that far yet, but i think that the info is a function of the primes and totient function

[03:44] == crazy_ [] has joined #cicadasolvers

[03:44] <flour> it is a torus, in essence

[03:45] <flour> that folds into itself

[03:45] <gonflynn> yep, but we need to find a way to use it, otherwise its useless

[03:45] <strange_tcyborg> really liking the math and topology of your suggestion, flour, but fail to see any uses it could have for our puzzle

[03:49] <flour>

[03:50] <gonflynn> yep, thats better :-)

[03:53] == PersonalPainJoy has changed nick to PersonalKilljoy

[03:53] <flour> so the model i think might be shaped based on the words in the square

[03:55] <@PersonalKilljoy> hi guys

[03:55] <gonflynn> hi

[03:55] <gonflynn> flour, it does imply primes and the totient function, thats good, do we have all parameters?[03:57] <flour> working on that...

272 138 341 131 151 1033
366 199 130 320 18 1033
226 245 91 245 226 1033
18 320 130 199 366 1033
151 131 341 138 272 1033
1033 1033 1033 1033 1033 1033 1033
2 3 8 5 7 25 7
6 1 4 5 9 25 7
1 2 1 2 1 7 7
9 5 4 1 6 25 7
7 5 8 3 2 25 7
25 25 16 25 16 25 7 7
7 7 7 7 7 7 7

Idea 20 - Decryptiion Algorithm for the 3 Strings

I think `Sta is really on to something with the matrix of words. The internal structure of SHA3 is a 5 x 5 matrix of words and it can produce 256 byte (512 char) hashes. Does anyone know how to make a SHA3 algorithm using the cicada matrix?


I totally agree with whoever wrote the above - They seem like they basically want someone who can code a cryptographic hash function. They want us either to create an new algorithm or one similar to SHA3 based on the 25 words to decipher the 3 strings and as we dont know exactly which 25 words are right its going to take a bit of trial and error. The 3 strings could be combined into one long 1536 character string and could form a list of 12x128 character hashes.

As for algorithm itself it SHA3 or Keccak as it was formly known, more info can be found here:

"The message length is four times the length of the hexadecimal string."

3 strings = 1536.   1536 / 4 = Message is 384 characters long.

So how does one make a SHA3 algorithm? Do we know of any sites that have an online function for us to input 25 words + an encrypted string? :)

EDIT: I did some more research on this and it seems hash algorithms are not really used for decrypting. They are more used for encryption like the encryption of passwords. I mean we could use one to encrypt the matrix and then use  our 3 onion 'hash' string for comparison but that wouldn't really give us anything to progress with? If we can somehow create an algorithm using the 25 word matrix and make it so it can encrypt and decrypt as well...the 3 onion string might be able to be decrypted into a message?


Hey `Sta...I've just noticed that BLAKE was a finalist for the NIST competition for SHA-3. This has got to be more than a coincidence. Doing some more digging now.


Somebody really needs to look at this!

Title for atrilce with idea Idea 21

Title for atrilce with idea Idea 22

Title for atrilce with idea Idea 23

Title for atrilce with idea Idea 24

Title for atrilce with idea Idea 25

I found a little Message...

Im not sure if it is something.

At 2014-01-21 21:10 GTM +00 i found this:


This site is like a Pastebin in the Tor Network which contains some messages undersigned by someone claiming to be cicada (but without the pgp signature):


Gene 3301. Homo Sapiens:
Veni, vidi, vici

-Julius Caesar-

Aequam memento rebus in arduis servare mentem

Vires acquirit eundo

Vitanda est improba siren desidia

Vos vestros servate, meos mihi linquite mores

Ubi concordia, ibi victoria 

Dimidium facti qui coepit habet 


Translated by Google Translater:

The start is half done

Where is the unity, there is victory

You yourselves, and leave me to my character

Avoid the wicked Siren, Sloth

Strength by going

Remember to keep your mind even in difficult times

I came, I saw, I conquered



These are quotes from latin poets like Horace and others. Better translations exist, please paste them here



Cicada usually sign themselves as "3301", as opposed to what is written here. I can't say for certain, but I wouldn't take it that seriously.



Nice quotes, but completely irrelevant.

You guys are not listening or refuse to....

When you're feeling low,
Lower than the floor,
And you feel like you ain't got a chance,
Don't make a move,
til you're in the groove,
And Do The CICADA 3301 Dance.
Hash 3 times like you did before.
Reverse twice just like those chameleons do,
2 steps forward,
1 step back,
Maybe that might get you on track,
Think like an owl and think some more,
If you keep looking up you might run out of floor,
Hold you're breath,
And jump to the left,
And that's the Cicada,
I swear that's the Cicada,
That's the Cicada 3301 Dance!

That being said,

You guys are way behind from others....

A second word of advice:

If you keep starring at the moon, you will miss the falling stars.....

PS: I am not nor ever been affiliated with Cicada 3301 members.

I am just an observer ;)



<SepheusIX> I made the Vigenere table

<SepheusIX> English in, English out

sepheusIx vigenere eng in eng out

The key to unlocking CICADA 3301 Write Runes:

Gematria Primus count:


ASCII HEX DEC BIN converter:


Steganography software:

Anagram solver:

Rumkin old ciphers:

Reverse String:

Binary Invert:


ANTLR V4 <--this was posted by that faggot advertizing PCCTS jahbulonian gamejacker, thake tha to UF, until you dont find legit CIcadas 3301 PGP there.

=== HINTS ===

Cicada uses different port for every onion
Apache Server at auqgnxjtvdbll3pv.onion Port 5240
Apache Server at cu343l33nqaekrnw.onion Port 5241
Apache Server at fv7lyucmeozzd5j4.onion Port 5242
Apache Server at avowyfgl5lkzfj3n.onion Port 5243

To see PORT number just enter nonexisten link after valid onion url


Maybe the same Server? Would make sense from cicadas view

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