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Keeper0crypt Keeper0crypt 3 March 2021

Numerical Theories

  • 1 Numerical & Allegorical Theories relating to the Liber Primus
    • 1.1 Introduction
    • 1.2 1. Analysis of matrices
      • 1.2.1 1.1 Table 1
        • 1.1.1 AETHERIAL
        • 1.1.2 BUFFERS
      • 1.2.2 1.2 Table 2

>>> NOTE: work in progress.

I have been fascinated by 3301 since it began. I never attempted solving it, and subsequently forgot about it. Then it entered my path again when I was researching blockchain and related currency. I believe the Liber Primus reflects the work of a group that has profound knowledge of both science and gnosticism. The connections between the concepts reflect a clear narrative, one that aligns perfectly with some of the hermetic societies that are still around today. This would also explain the geographical separation of their operatives.

It se…

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Maxamillionsauce Maxamillionsauce 20 September 2020

First post, found this interesting

Hard time sleeping, was watching thor the dark world and yggdrasil book in the movie has very similar text to LP.. no idea if this is something or not, just figured I would bring it up

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Gamerslively Gamerslively 14 April 2020


I am not a part Cicada. AT ALL. Do not mis-percieve this. The Cicada mystery has been quiet. For years. 3 to be exact I believe. I'd like to spread the message, that if we keep trying to uncover the mystery, we'll eventually make it. To the lucky few who have surpassed the last stage of Cicada's journey (so far) and were told to be patient: check sites that you have been on before, the places (physically and technologically). Hidden messages may be encrypted within those pages. On a lighter note, I'd like to end this message by saying what a fun adventure this is! 

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Mfcfmmmfcfm Mfcfmmmfcfm 22 November 2019

I dont know anything.

Is this religious is this scientific. Is it both. God knew it. He was right. They arę in peace. When the ephinaphy will come. Is this a countdown. Is the cicada an angel. I dont know if I am insane. I dont know anything.

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QualSeTu QualSeTu 2 October 2019

I'm working on a tool

I discovered the Liber Primus a few days ago (watched a video on YT)

I'm working on a tool that may help shed some light on it.

You can find it on Github: Liber Primus Solver

The readme contains detailed information, but to summarize it at the moment  it's possible to decrypt the runic text using Atbash, shift ciphers and Vigenere. It can handle chains of ciphers, so it can for example decrypt the First Koan ( Atbash + 3 places shift ).

You can configure it for example to run multiple Vigenere using different keys, and look at the results to see if there's some output that makes sense.

Or you could try a combination of Vigenere + a shift cipher, and so on.

I'm on the IRC channel too, same username QualSeTu

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KenKreig KenKreig 3 September 2019


Has anybody figured out what the first 2 magic squares are for? They are certainly interesting, does anybody know if they were used in decrypting the earlier pages? Also has anybody done a count of the seperate characters over all the pages? Cause the red number highlighted in the later number grid must be significiant. If you look at where it is on the page the "infinity" sybol is lined up perfectly underneath that block and the numbers are sort of deflected in the circumference of that symbol. By that i mean the point of the smallest circumference on the loop is in the same place as the highest number in the grid.

02:06, September 3, 2019 (UTC) KenKreig

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KenKreig KenKreig 24 August 2019

anybody read northern lights?

KenKreig (talk) 03:31, August 24, 2019 (UTC)

gregorian calender incorrect 1 time every 3300 year

Mayan count the number 0, so does Liber Primus

Page numbers 0, 1 , 2..... etc

Fancy codes and cyphers wont give you perspective.

Not going to spoil it but start over you might have missed something so simple yet so brilliant.

KenKreig (talk) 08:12, August 25, 2019 (UTC)


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Eva Valkiriya Eva Valkiriya 11 April 2019

56 page Liber primus code

Пролистывая записи о Цикаде 3301. Наткнулся на Liber primus и тот код, который был дешифрован на 56 страницах книг. а Конкретно


так вот в заголовке страницы сказанно 


В ГЛУБИННОЙ СЕТИ СУЩЕСТВУЕТ СТРАНИЦА, КОТОРАЯ ХАШЕТ-----  ЭТО СТРАНИЦА ОБЯЗАНА КАЖДАЯ ПИСЬМЕННЫЙ ПОИСКУ.  Все это время люди пытаются дешифровать коды в "SHA1"  но это не дает результата. Если же взять эти адреса и пробить их в самом обычном переводчике ( рукаводствуясь словом "ХАШЕТ" как переводит) мы полчуаем осмысленные фразы. которые почти все переводятся Гугл переводчиком с Арабского.  1 Отдать

2 Подготовка к 

3 Ты

4 Я буду

5 Это.....

Если попытат…

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Sonic L.B Sonic L.B 12 March 2019


Greetings reader!

I stumbled across this wiki while searching information on Cicada 3301 and found it interesting. I was drawn to the subject by a YouTube video by a creator named Lemmino. I had heard of 3301 but never dug into it until now. I am very fascinated by the mystery and puzzles of 3301. I have been conducting research on this topic and attempting to find a reason Cicada disappeared. 

The most recent message, that I know of, was in 2017 when they commented on the book Liber Primus stating everyone should re-examine it and to look for their PGP signature. Since then Cicada has been missing. My theory is that their hiding.

The last few messages from Cicada and the emails sent to the finalists, to me, appear to be rushed in a way. The …

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Gufe Gufe 13 June 2018

Liber Primus - Page 15 (DECODE HINT)

Everything seemed to have died the people who contributed in the past. I'm going attempt to fix that motive by posting a hint I found while going through the pages.

I found the teachings in 'Liber Primus' to be a great way of knowing yourself.

Best of luck to those out there.
= Page 15 @ Liber_Primus

3258  3222  3152 3038
3278 [3299] 3298 2838
3288  3294  3296 2472
4516  1206  708  1820


Layer 1 Decoded:

FULM    :…

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Legionidas Legionidas 10 January 2018

Hi i had did a little bit of research on what people had had decoded on the runes. I typed 3319 Latin into google and apperntly it comes up as anarchist. I have heard that cicada is the original 11 anonymos members. Idk if its true or not

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Descendant of Gilgamesh Descendant of Gilgamesh 2 January 2015

from picture

Ben is coming I 'm simple challenge nests image there is a hidden message

Ben everything and I always it seems, maybe this is more than a text image

That is perhaps ma is image than text

Hm ... I should write it in Notepad

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C8J5C10 C8J5C10 23 September 2014

Another Idea...

Although, I'm not advanced enough to uncode the Sacred Book, I think there may be a connection between this and something called The Urantia Papers. If you're i not familiar with The Urantia Papers everything you need to know can be found online. Please let me know your thoughts and opinions on this, they are greatly appreciated. 

~ C8J5C10

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Doesshelikeido Doesshelikeido 13 May 2014

Eleanor Roosevelt

Do one thing that scares you every day!

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Doesshelikeido Doesshelikeido 19 February 2014


Just random nonsense...

What or who is Wind and is Wind

417- 4 corners of the heavens

why arent the words Enlightment, Pilgrimage and Ephiphany primes?

I wonder if everyone else is using computerized cryptic code breakers and i'm the only one using books and online text.

How did everyone else get involved in this?

I'm here because of dreams and vaccinations and this is my one of my unreasonable thing to do today :)

(so far)

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Lurker69 Lurker69 11 January 2014

Cicada wikia logo

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BrotherBox BrotherBox 10 January 2014

Adopting the wiki

Hello community of uncovering-cicada,

I am writing this to help deciding the future of this wiki and I ask you for a few minutes of your time and your opinion. You may be wondering 'How could the future of this wiki be impacted by some guy writing to the community on his wikia account - and why should I care?'. This is a perfectly reasonable question which I will try to answer.

First of all a little, but necessary background. In fall of 2012, I got in contact with a guy who today goes by the nick of "Lurker69" or "NiceLurk". It was through him that I found my way into the community behind the Cicada mystery, which then consisted of a couple of IRC channels on Freenode. I got intrigued by Cicada and always had fun playing around with cryptogr…

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Lurker69 Lurker69 10 January 2014

london troll

User posted this here; it's likely not legit:

Yffx jqnan lfd qrin efc yffxnu snofan

Update: using a substitution cipher it became:

Yffx jqnan lfd qrin efc yffxnu snofan  >   Look where you have not looked before  Vigenere key: nrrnnjjjjnrjjrnjrrjnrrnjrrjjrjj
was posted on Wikia from London IP


Revision as of 16:01, January 9, 2014 (edit)(undo) (wall)
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ad9ac2a442fa4c349c06966800dc6389  was posted in Wikia by  Ho Chi Minh City, South East, Vietnam FPT Telecom Company

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Lurker69 Lurker69 8 January 2014


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Lurker69 Lurker69 8 January 2014

some editing things not to forget

Visible comments code


<    >

&l t;!--1033--&g t;

Collapsable div form for Wikia


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